Why You Should De-Stress Together During These Uncertain Times

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There’s never been a time when couples have been legally required to spend so much time together. Stay-at-Home orders, self-quarantines, and the closure of most businesses are keeping couples at home together for days at a time. 

When you find yourself getting frustrated, it’s tempting to want to spend some time alone to destress. But while alone time is definitely important for every relationship, in these uncertain times it shouldn’t be the only way you relax. 

Spending time destressing with your partner is crucial for both yourself and for your relationship. 

Mental Health Is a Team Effort 

Humans are social creatures: that’s just a fact. Especially during stressful situations, having someone nearby to help you cope is great for your mental health. Finding ways to relax and unwind together will help you both cope better.

Remember: getting to spend your time at home with a loved one is a privilege. There are plenty of people out there who live alone and are forced to spend these scary times without a shoulder to lean on. Take advantage of your situation and spend some quality time with your partner. 

Sometimes, Maintaining Positive Associations with Your Relationship Is the Best Marriage Help

People create mental associations incredibly easily. Scents get tied to places, songs and time periods are forever associated, and your opinions of people are connected to the emotions you feel when they’re around. 

Usually, this is a good thing. Spending time with your partner is supposed to help you feel happy and fulfilled. In normal circumstances, spending time alone to do some self-care wouldn’t affect this at all. 

Unfortunately, we’re not in normal circumstances. 

If you only destress by yourself, then by default you’re going to start associating your partner with stress. They will become subconsciously linked with the negative parts of the quarantine. Your mind will connect them to the sad or scary news stories, the loss of social events, or just the stress of being stuck at home. That will only hurt your relationship.

Instead, find activities you can do together to unwind. Try taking walks around your neighborhood together if it’s allowed. You can also try exercising at home together, watching comfort movies, or doing at-home spa nights. Anything that you can do together that’s relaxing or comforting is a great choice to keep your relationship strong and positive. 

It takes effort to keep your relationship happy and healthy. There’s plenty of things you can do on your own to keep it strong, but sometimes you need a helping hand. If you want some marriage help to sustain you, feel free to contact Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski. We’re here to help you and your partner come out the other end stronger than ever.