Valentine’s Day Date Ideas During the Pandemic

By the time we make it to Valentine’s Day, we will have been on some level of lockdown for nearly a year. For most couples, that means 12 months since they’ve had a bonafide date, and many of you may be bursting with Valentine’s Day date ideas.

The problem is finding ones that are actually pandemic-friendly.

From “trips to Italy” for dinner and Zoom happy hours with friends to burning your way through Netflix and every board game you own, we imagine you’ve run the gamut when it comes to creativity for date night. Some have even made dates out of Marie Kondo-ing every room in the house!

So, what on Earth is left to do that you haven’t already done to make this day of love super safe, but also super special? Check out these three fresh Valentine’s Day date ideas for 2021!

Learn Massage and “Book” Appointments with Each Other

No, you’re not going to become skilled enough to get a license in a few weeks. But there are a number of massage tutorials you can watch online to get a better sense of how it’s supposed to be done to give your partner the royal treatment.

Set the mood with relaxing music and scents, and pre-warm some towels in the dryer to make them extra cozy. Have kids around? The great thing about this date idea is that it can be relatively short — and it’s a lot easier to occupy the kids for an hour or so with screen time than to expect them to leave you alone for an entire evening.

Tap Your Quarantine Pod for Some V-Weekend Romantic Privacy

Most of us have opted to create our own quarantine pods to keep us sane. When you have kids, it usually includes one or two other families so that everyone has a friend or two to call on when we need a break from family life.

Start setting up plans now for your kids to spend the day (or night… or both) at one of your podmates’ homes, and offer to trade out so they can do the same. You might not get to celebrate on actual V-day — but who cares! 

There are so many ways you can adapt this to exactly the kind of mood you want to create. Cook a nice dinner together and share a bottle of wine. Enjoy a long, languorous bath with each other and some music. Order some new bedroom attire to spice up the evening. Binge-watch that show you can never get to when the kids are around. Whatever you and your partner need to relax and connect, do it.  

Book a Cabin for a Nature Getaway

The weather makes actual camping out of the question this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an overnight getaway close to nature. Scour short-term rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO for rustic cabins or other secluded homes surrounded by nature.

Have children? Get someone in your pod to take the kids for more romance, or bring them along and make this a family Valentine’s trip. Bonus points for places with fireplaces, hot tubs, and other cozy — and potentially romantic — amenities.

One important note before leaving you to plan your quarantine Valentine’s. Couples who’ve had a less than stellar run at being stuck inside for months: we see you. If even thinking about making an effort at creating an experience stresses you out, know you are not alone.

Whether it’s to get more fun Valentine’s Day date ideas or a thing or two off your chests before you dive into celebrating your love, feel free to get in touch with relationship coaches Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski. We offer virtual visits, so reach out.