Try This “Recipe” for a Happy, Healthy Relationship

When you fall in love with someone, everything seems perfect. It feels as if it was meant to be. And many people have an expectation that life will simply continue to be butterflies and rainbows without a dark cloud in sight. The truth, however, is that a healthy relationship, no matter how strong the love connection you feel, takes work.

Your relationship will move through different stages – honeymoon, power struggle, mature love. While these stages are cyclical, they do build upon each other.

That’s why, in each of those stages, you must ensure that the ingredients are there to create a lasting relationship. These are things you cultivate with your partner – to create the “recipe” for a happy, healthy relationship.

The Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship

Working on regularly including these ingredients makes for a successful recipe:

Tell Your Partner You’re Attracted to Them

It sounds painfully obvious, but your partner needs to know that you find them attractive. Not just that you used to be attracted to them, but that they still “do” it for you. Even when we intellectually “know” (or at least believe), reinforcement matters.

You can accomplish this in many ways:

  • Tell them how cute/adorable/sexy/handsome they are
  • Frequently touch and hug them
  • Have a little fun with some sexy innuendoes as you go through your day

How you do it is up to you. As long as you both validate your desire for one another, then you’ve got this ingredient down.

Work Out Your Differences

Every couple argues – that cannot be avoided. But how you argue can make or break your relationship. What is important is for both people to realize that you have differences, some of which may never be overcome. And that’s okay.

A “difference” between you is not the same as one person being right and the other wrong. Just look for ways to meet in the middle.

Communicate Your Feelings

If you want a healthy, happy relationship, then you can’t hold back. You have to be able to tell your partner what you want and need – and they have to be able to do the same for you.

But don’t just wait for your partner to come to you. Engage with them and ask what they need, want, or feel. Sharing your emotions – good and bad – helps you to understand (and even appreciate) each other.

If you need help putting your ingredients for a great relationship together, contact Norene Gronsiewski and Tim Higdon at Rock Solid Relationships today.