Three Ways to Protect Your Marriage During the Pandemic

If you feel like you’ve been walking on eggshells around your partner, you’re not alone. 

Many spouses are stuck in their homes — no gyms, no going to work, no escaping to social activities. The kids are home from school — either with long-distance schoolwork that needs to get done or (perhaps worse) nothing to do. And when you turn on the news, it’s all doom and gloom. 

Any one of these factors could put stress on a couple, but when you pile on a struggling economy, canceled vacation plans, and no known end date for the crisis, it’s a recipe for a relationship disaster. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Some couples may even be able to use this time to put their relationship first again. First you have to know how to do that, though.

Use these tips to help protect your marriage and grow closer during the pandemic. 

Turn off the news and listen to each other 

What is helping couples get through this pandemic? Surveys say it’s partner responsiveness. Partners who listen, empathize, and validate each other are more likely to feel less stressed during the pandemic. This quality is especially important when you consider the stress we are all under and the close quarters we’re living in. 

Address other stressors 

We cannot always separate “real world” stress from relationship stress, especially when we’re cooped up in the house with our partners 24/7. Unfortunately, stress and relationships can create a dangerous cycle. 

Stress about finances, health, or the state of the world can affect how you talk to your partner. Relationship stress only adds on to the pile of stress outside the home. 

Be aware of when you feel stressed about your relationship. How closely is it tied to things going on at work or in the world? 

Consider Online Relationship Therapy

Is relationship counseling off the table during a pandemic? No! In fact, couples are finding that by staying at home, they have more options to get relationship help from a professional. Online relationship therapy allows couples to reach out to a therapist through phone and video calls.

An online relationship therapy session can help you rebuild a rock-solid foundation for your relationship. Contact Norene Gonsiewsk and Tim Higdon for marriage advice and counseling that fit your lifestyle.