The Power of Curiosity in “Fixing” Your Partnership

At the beginning of every relationship, there are butterflies and excitement – and curiosity. Over time, the excitement tends to die down, the butterflies fly away, and you tend to become less curious about your partner. That last one is why a lot of relationship problems start.

Here are a few ways you can cultivate and harness the power of curiosity in your relationship to help maintain your connection and keep things going strong.

Be Curious About What They Think

You may think you know your partner well, but you don’t really know what goes through their mind. Ultimately, you’ll never know what they’re thinking unless you ask. When you open up that line of communication, listen and never assume you know what they’re really thinking – let them tell you instead.

Be Curious About What They Say

Just as with your partner’s thoughts, you never know what your partner is going to say, either — and assuming you do is a recipe for disaster! That’s why it’s better to sit back, pay attention, and simply listen to what your partner is saying. Pay attention and ensure that you completely understand what they’re trying to communicate to you. That means you put down your phone, you turn off the television, and you give them your full attention.

Be Curious About What They Need

Even if you’ve discussed needs with each other at various points in your relationship, need inevitably changes over time. Make sure you touch base and talk to them about what their needs are at that moment. It will change and you must be prepared to change with it.

Maintaining curiosity with your partner is ultimately about being present, asking them questions, and never assuming you already know the answer. It sounds simple, but it’s a great way to strengthen your relationship, so commit to your curiosity.

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