The Benefits of Relationship Teletherapy 

Professionals in all industries have adapted to the current global crisis — including relationship therapists. How so? Most have switched to teletherapy. This form of therapy allows clients to reach them through phone or preferably Zoom calls.

The switch to teletherapy can feel awkward at first. But this “new normal” has been able to open many doors to people who were previously uncomfortable with therapy. 

Whether you have visited an in-person relationship therapist before or are new to this practice, consider the benefits of relationship teletherapy. You may find it to be more comfortable and helpful than you would expect. 

Relationship Teletherapy Offers Numerous Benefits

Flexibility and Accessibility

Teletherapy provides more opportunities for patients and therapists to meet and discuss relationship advice. 

Previously, patients would go to the therapist’s office once a week or once a month in one-hour sessions. They had to deal with traffic, arrange for childcare, and consider their work schedule. 

Now it’s easier to fit in a longer session. Or a mid-day session. Or even see a therapist with the kids nearby. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

New Ways to Communicate 

Switching from in-person therapy to teletherapy means opening yourself up to new ways of communicating.  Sessions by phone or Zoom can force you to communicate more effectively through different means. 

Sometimes a spouse who was reticent to talk in-person feels more comfortable when the therapist isn’t visible, such as on the phone. Or maybe you take your body language up a notch to make sure it’s “seen” via Zoom. The experience can reveal a new side of you both and shake up communication for the better.

Adjusting to the New Normal

COVID-19 has already put a strain on many relationships. How do you find time to yourself when you’re surrounded by the same people 24 hours a day? How do you help your partner when you’re under so many stressors from the pandemic? 

Teletherapy will help you navigate these questions and adjust to the “new normal.” 

Taking Time to Try Relationship Teletherapy Now Will Continue to Help You In the Future 

Maybe you have all the time in the world now. Why not spend it building a more solid foundation with your partner? 

Or maybe you feel like you have no time at all. Particularly to focus on one another.

Teletherapy carves out specific time to focus on each other during these stressful times. And the work you do with a relationship therapist today will help you as you encounter more obstacles in the future. (Hopefully, this is the only global pandemic you and your partner see for a while, but it won’t be the only obstacle by far!) 

Even the smallest steps that you take in teletherapy will make a big difference as you and your partner spend the rest of your lives together.

Interested in relationship teletherapy? Reach out to Norene Gonsiewski and Tim Higdon today to learn what options you have for a virtual session with us.