Successful Sessions from the
Comfort of Your Own Home!

“We started our sessions in person but very quickly had to move to online with sick kiddos and crazy schedules taking so much time.

We have found this transition to be seamless. There is no barrier of any kind doing our sessions online.

The counseling is engaging, and the work is so productive and helpful that I almost forget we’re not face-to-face.

—JJ and WJ

“With the pandemic appearing in our lives, the curiosity of online counseling was real. How would it work? Would it be effective? Would it be authentic?

Now, after months of remote couples counseling, we can honestly speak to the power of our sessions with Tim: online counseling sessions work, are very effective and sincerely authentic.

We are grateful. Having couples counseling online has become a consistent and calming resource for us to navigate the shutdown and all the intricacies of living /working tightly together.

Tim has been there for us, and it is something we look forward to as we continue to grow as a couple in a loving and respectful way. Thank you Tim for creating the path online for us to continue our work with you.”

—J and M

“We are a couple working with Tim Higdon and were caught up in the COVID-19-related distancing requirements. We started doing virtual sessions with Tim, and I was initially skeptical of how well this would work.

After a handful of sessions via Zoom, I am now convinced this is an effective alternative to in-person counseling. I have been impressed with Tim’s ability to pick up on non-verbal communication via Zoom.

I would have predicted this would be the sort of communication that would be lost, or at best compromised. That has not been our experience at all. These virtual sessions have worked well for us.

—The As

We have found online counseling just as effective as a trip to Norene’s office.

Initially, we were very apprehensive about leaving in-person couples counseling for a virtual platform—we were in a vulnerable place already and our relationship was on the rocks after our baby was born.

At the time, seeing Norene was so important to us we would drive after work, with our new baby, from Bend to Sisters. Exhausted and irritable, we were less effective than we could be.

Thankfully, Norene offered Zoom sessions as an alternative. We cannot say enough about online therapy—it has been our saving grace. It has allowed us to successfully navigate our issues in the comfort of our own home, which we desperately needed.

Norene challenges us in the same ways she did when we sat in her office: She holds us accountable in all the same ways—from our body positioning and language to participating mindfully in the dialogue.

We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to participate remotely and can confidently say we are in the best place we’ve been because of Norene’s skillful guidance”

—KE and RF

“My husband and I have been working with Norene via Skype sessions for over a year since the birth of our baby.

As one could imagine, a new baby in the house can provide lots of stressful situations to work through. But the thought of getting a sitter or bringing him with us to sessions was even more daunting.

Norene suggested we work with her via Skype if that would be more convenient for us. We were skeptical at first knowing how easily it is to get distracted at home by one thing or another. But after the very first session, we were believers!

It feels just like Norene is in the room with us coaching us through a dialogue. It is easy to schedule a good time for us, like when the baby is napping or after getting the other kids settled into an activity or off to school.

The best part is that we can sit on our own couch together wearing PJs or work-out clothes and that we did not have to rush out of the house to get to the office on time or sit in traffic to be late! Norene can work with any schedule and is incredibly flexible when an issue arises.

Norene’s skill set and personality come through whether in her office with her or in the comfort of your own home.

We highly recommend it. Please, do yourself a favor and give  it a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

—MW in Vancouver, WA

“Tim is a skilled and wonderful counselor. Our online marriage counseling with him has been more beneficial than any other type of therapy we’ve tried.

We were happy to find out we could have counseling even though we were hundreds of miles apart. We weren’t quite sure what counseling online would be like or if it would be as effective. It was great to find out that it was as effective, if not more so.

If you’re looking for a couples counselor and want to improve or strengthen your relationship, we highly recommend Tim.”

—MS in Longview, WA

“My husband and I have been seeing Norene for online therapy for about 8 months. I find it very convenient and relaxed to go through a working session from the comfort of my home.

Often times the skills or techniques that we have learned during the session can be put to use immediately after the session since we are at our home rather than leaving an office and commuting home.

There have been many occasions where our sessions have gotten “edgy and uncomfortable.” And Norene has been able to guide us through it and back to a place of compassion and understanding.

We have developed an open, engaging, and brutally honest relationship with her. Although she may be many miles away, she still has the ability to observe habits, tones, facial expressions and nuances through video. We have spent time with her in person and online and she is as effective virtually as she is in person.

Don’t think for a minute that you can’t get what you need from a online therapy session. It works!

—AM and MM, Portland, OR

“When Tim suggested counseling me online, I was reluctant because we didn’t yet have an established relationship. And I’m not super comfortable with technology. Now, I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Even if meeting in-person were an option, I’d still choose to work online because of the convenience and time savings of it. I don’t feel that anything is lost or that our sessions are less effective because we aren’t meeting in-person.

In fact, I can be more relaxed and comfortable in my own home or office and not stressed about getting to and from the appointment. Tim’s great listening skills and awesome insights shine through the “screen” making it feel like we’re in the same room.” 

—BR, Gresham, OR

We were lucky enough to find Norene Gonsiewski when our marriage was in crisis. She is a superb counselor who has guided and supported us through a challenging healing process.

It has been a wonderful advantage to be able to meet with her online. We were pleased to feel such a personal connection in our screen sessions, experiencing her helpfulness, warmth, and caring as if we were all in the same room.

Our Internet counseling with Norene has been a very positive experience!”

— SS, Arizona