Coming Fall of 2019NEW 8-Week Video Course

Build your Rock Solid Relationship

Based on our award-winning book, Rock Solid Relationships: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection and Make Your Love Last, our new video course will help you move steadily toward your relationship goals.
                  • join in live or watch at a more convenient time
                  • attend as a couple or watch on your own

You will learn how to embrace and live by healthy habits and behaviors, awaken more intimacy and trust, while confidently managing conflict in healthy, positive ways.

Stayed Tuned! We will be adding more information to this page as we near our completion date on the video course.

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 “We know that this video course—gleaning
the most useful tips from our beneficial
book, Rock Solid Relationshipwill be of
tremendous help in having a strong
and fulfilling relationship with your partner.
                                        —Tim & Norene


The course is a weekly, one-hour webinar class with lively and entertaining lectures and some simple homework to help you hone your skills in-between. The hour segments will be broken into a few shorter videos for better absorption—you can watch as much as you have time for. You can attend live or watch later. If you attend live, you will still have anonymity, others will not see you. Over the 8 weeks we will teach you to:

Return Your Relationship to Priority Status
During the romantic stage, making each other THE priority is automatic. As time passes, you return to other priorities and your relationship takes a back seat. In reality, you need practical, constructive solutions that fit your life-stage. We can help.

Live Your Love as a “Verb” by Focusing on the Right Actions

Keeping your relationship “savings account” full in the midst of your busy lives is a must. That account is what we draw from when a small misstep occurs. Do you know your partner’s love language? Do you have missing skills when it comes to showing your love? Let’s dig in and build a better vocabulary.

Put an End to Negativity
The number one requirement for creating a relationship that’s strong enough to last is an atmosphere of safety. And nothing prevents your partner from feeling safe more than negative treatment. None of us really wants to be negative, we just end up there somehow. We can help you end up there less often and turn things around when you do. We can also help you boost the positive in your relationship, so it far outweighs the negativity.

Build Communication Skills and End Conflict for Good!
Knowing how to have good communication that builds a connection instead to leading to a fight, is the number one thing couples need. We will teach you the wonderful art of getting your partner to listen to you.

Build a Firewall to Protect Your Relationship Boundaries!

Clear relationship boundaries are crucial and never has there been a time when they are harder to manage. Rock solid relationships require strong boundaries, and boundaries require negotiations. You will learn to create successful boundary agreements that fit your needs and life-stage.

Rekindle Your Sexual Intimacy Sexual intimacy is what sets us apart from being only friends or roommates. We can help you learn to talk about your intimate relationship is a way that feels comfortable.

Your Own Relationship Repair Kit 
Many times, small issues evolve into major conflicts. This happens to the best of us, and what happy couples know, is how to settle the problem before damage occurs. Every couple needs to understand the art of the repair. Join us for lectures and exercises that will help you establish a plan of action you can execute at the first sign of trouble.

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