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Research shows that if you experience 5 positive interactions for each negative interaction, you will feel happy and satisfied. It’s our mission not only to teach you how to make the negatives, less negative; we want to help you increase the fun and passion.

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These easy-to-read and simple-to-apply relationship tips can become one of your positive relationship habits. Once a week you can set aside a few minutes and try out a short and sweet exercise or conversation topic.

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September Quick Tip: Parenting Together During the Pandemic

Parenting Together During the PandemicThe COVID-19 pandemic has created all kinds of stressors, especially for parents with school-age children. Many families are facing financial hardships. And parents must juggle working from home, chores, parenting, and often keeping virtual learning on track. All of this can turn a normally happy home into a pressure cooker , and parents everywhere are struggling to cope. But, there are some steps you can take to parent productively together and restore some sense of normalcy, relieving tension in your...

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August Quick Tip: How to Get on the Same Page During This Stressful Time: The Weekly Dialogue Date

How to Get on the Same Page During This Stressful Time:The Weekly Dialogue DateWe now know COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. Life is not predictable anymore.  And the many ways we now have to juggle safety and security for our spouses, children, families, work, and finances is putting many relationships in peril. Every day can add a new challenge. A new tough decision. These times call for much more effort to stay connected. Too often couples take the stress out on each other without wanting to. Bickering and conflicts...

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July Quick Tip: How to Deal with Ongoing Annoyances Without Starting a Fight

How to Deal with Ongoing Annoyances Without Starting a FightLike many, you may be experiencing more squabbles with your partner. And the reason this is likely happening is pretty straightforward. Most of us are together in a restricted space. And although we love each other, everyone can be annoying (that includes you!). If we experience ongoing annoyances (and who isn’t right now?), it can lead to feelings of anger. Ultimately, you need to let your partner know that you have upset feelings. Stuffing your feelings down isn’t helpful. And in...

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June Quick Tip: How Is Your Mood Today?

How Is Your Mood Today?All couples are affected by one another’s mood. A mood is a state of mind or feeling normally considered temporary. At any given time, your mood could be cheerful, gloomy, happy, worried, tense, angry, playful, etc. Your state of mind and feeling is reflected in your body language and voice tones.  Couples are pretty good at reading each other’s mood when it comes to happiness but rate poorly at accurately reading negative moods. In part because everyone tends to take their partner’s mood personally.  You might assume...

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