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Research shows that if you experience 5 positive interactions for each negative interaction, you will feel happy and satisfied. It’s our mission not only to teach you how to make the negatives, less negative; we want to help you increase the fun and passion.

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Forget Relationship Goals — Start Relationship Habits

There’s a good chance you’ve seen relationship goals in social media - possibly complete with a hashtag. Wouldn't it be nice if you could achieve this with your partner? Maybe you even feel like your relationship isn’t “enough” when reading idealized content such as this. Well, here’s the reality. Relationship goals are a great idea in concept, but they can actually leave couples feeling inadequate, which is counterproductive. Starting relationship habits is much healthier. Even better -- they can be incorporated to improve any relationship!...

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“Yes” and “No”: How to Avoid These Conversation Killers

2020 and (so far) 2021 have tested our ability to make fulfilling conversation. The little every-day stories that used to bolster us have ground to a halt. Because the days all look the same… for both of you. You may find yourself dreading silent meal times as you and your partner trudge from the couch to the table to eat. Or holding on to your phone like a lifeline as a way to get out of awkward, stunted conversations. Well, guess what? This may be more difficult than normal, but it’s certainly not a new problem. The longer we’re with...

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January Quick Tip: Learning How to Embrace “Hygge” as a Couple

Have you heard of hygge? Unless someone in your household is a bit Frozen-obsessed, for most Oregonians the likely answer is “no.” But it is a way of life that has been ubiquitous in Denmark since at least the 1950s. What is it? Essentially, it's a concept that means taking joy in the small comforts of life. But it goes beyond that. When the Danish talk about hygge, they’re embracing the idea of relaxing. Of indulging themselves. But also of being grateful. And warm and friendly not only to those in your life, but also strangers. With the...

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December Quick Tip: Presence May Be More Valuable Than Presents This Holiday Season

Presence May Be More Valuable Than Presents This Holiday SeasonThe holiday season is here! Have you finalized your plans yet? Made gift lists? Started to budget? Before you go hog wild on spending — or spiral as you panic over how in the world you’ll afford everything — take a pause and ask yourself: Could this be a great year to offer your loved ones the gift of presence rather than mere presents? If you are fortunate enough to have an ample gift budget, maybe this is the year to give more to charity and give one another the gift of...

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