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Research shows that if you experience 5 positive interactions for each negative interaction, you will feel happy and satisfied. It’s our mission not only to teach you how to make the negatives, less negative; we want to help you increase the fun and passion.

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Want a Happier Marriage and Family? Set Boundaries with Your Kids

It’s okay to own it: having kids changes everything in a relationship. There is no shame in admitting this truth. In fact, ignoring it could lead to the gradual demise of your relationship.  It makes sense if you think about it. As your family expands, your time becomes divided. When this happens, your partner can begin to fade into the background — along with any intimacy you once had.  What’s challenging is that it’s often a slow and steady decline. Before you know it, you are struggling to understand how you got so disconnected from your...

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Why We Say That Love Means Learning to Go First

  Couples are going to disagree and even argue -- that’s simply the nature of having relationships with people. Unfortunately, many couples seem to get stuck in a negative pattern where they wait for their partner to go first. But love means learning to go first. Why do we avoid going first? And how can we prevent it? Why You Don’t Want To Go First Have you ever thought about why you may refuse to be the first to bring up a big topic of conversation or to extend the olive branch after a...

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Want Better Communication? Learn the Difference Between Your Feelings and Opinions

Feelings – they’re (obviously) very important in relationships. They’re what keeps the dialogue open and honest. The trick is being able to distinguish between your feelings... and your opinions.  It seems like an easy difference, right? Opinions are what you think about something, whereas feelings are, well, how you feel. But all too often, people tend to confuse the two. And if you insert too many opinions into conversations with your partner where you’re trying to talk about how you feel, it can shut down dialogue fast. Here are a few tips...

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When Your Partner Says They Don’t Know What Makes Them Feel Loved

Relationships are not all rainbows and happiness. The truth is that while great relationships can be one of the best things in your life, they take constant work and upkeep. It’s easy to get bogged down going through the motions of life, work, and family, letting your relationship and the love you share take a backseat. When that happens, talking with your partner to acknowledge what is going on is key. Many couples can work out small ways to show each other they care.  But what happens if your partner tells you that they don’t know what...

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