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Everyone has relationship questions. Even children wonder about love, asking questions ranging from, “Who will I marry when I grow up?” to “Why do Mommy and Daddy fight?” Questions about marriage, dating, conflict, breaking up, getting a second chance and making love last, are the most searched inquiries.

What is the secret to a good marriage (one of the top questions)? Well, knowledge plays a part. The more you know about how to make your relationship work well, the better you can work on your relationship.

Given that relationship preoccupies much of our thoughts and waking hours, we know you have some important relationship questions.

We have answers. As relationship therapist, we have spent almost 40 years helping single folks find love and married couples keep the love that they found. At this point, we know a lot and we love to share what we know.

Here is an ever growing collection of resources for your relationship, ranging from these articles on commonly asked relationship questions to our classes, weekly forum, and teletherapy.

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