The Importance of Making Quality Time

How much time do you spend with your partner? How much of that time is quality time?

Time spent isn’t quality time if you and your partner are sitting in the same house, but engrossed in your phones or the television. Quality time is spent without distractions, looking into each others’ eyes, talking to each other. 

Quality time is so important for building a relationship, even one that has held strong for decades. Take some time today or this week to evaluate the quality time spent with your partner and how you can make room for more. 

Quality Time: One of the Five Love Languages

If you have explored your love language, you might already know a thing or two about the importance of quality time. Why? Because it’s one of the five love languages

Not familiar with love languages? They are essentially the acts that make someone feel loved. Your love language may not be the same as your partner, and the best way for each of you to feel loved is to have someone “speak your language.”

Is your love language quality time? Then you might need it to feel loved and appreciated by your partner. If your partner’s love language is quality time, the time you spend with them might have a direct impact on how loved and appreciated they feel. 

Even if your love language is gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, or acts of service, quality time is still important. Quality time allows you to be present with your partner. In the rush of errands, obligations, and busy schedules, quality time gives you a moment to breathe. You and your partner can open up, be with each other, and grow together. 

Relationship Help: How to Schedule Quality Time 

In order to fit quality time into your schedule, you will have to make it a priority. Both partners need to be on the same page about the importance of quality time and working on your relationship. 

It’s not always easy to shift around your priorities, especially when you have gotten into a routine of working, caring for the kids, or enjoying hobbies outside of the relationship. Relationship counselors like Norene Gonsiewski or Tim Higdon can help you assess your current priorities, how to adjust them, and how to schedule quality time with your partner in your life.

Reach out to a relationship counselor for advice on quality time and other types of relationship help.