Many older couples seek relationship advice in Portland marriage counseling for problems with intimacy. As we age, we often experience lower sexual desire and have concerns about how we look or can perform. But there’s good news! Most people can still have an active and satisfying sex life. A recent study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that sexual satisfaction actually increased for women with age. Participants in the study reported frequent arousal and orgasm, even though they had low sexual desire.

The study looked at the sexual activity and satisfaction of 806 older women. The median age of the participants was 67 years old, and 63% of the women were postmenopausal. Half of those participants who have a partner had been sexually active in the last four weeks, and 67.1% of these women reported that they achieved orgasm most of the time or always.

Regardless of partner status or sexual activity, 61% of the participants were satisfied with their overall sex life, and the oldest women in the study were most satisfied overall. In fact, those who were recently sexually active experienced orgasm satisfaction rates similar to the youngest participants.

One author of the study, Susan Trompeter, MD, offered this relationship advice: “Emotional and physical closeness to the partner may be more important than experiencing orgasm. A more positive approach to female sexual health focusing on sexual satisfaction may be more beneficial to women than a focus limited to female sexual activity or dysfunction.”

Seek Relationship Advice for Problems with Intimacy

If you are having problems connecting with your partner physically, it may be difficult to talk about your issues. Women and men experience sex differently and may have different desires and concerns, particularly as they age. Many couples find it helpful to go to Portland relationship counseling for relationship advice.