Relationship advice heal after an emotional affair may seem a little too late. But understanding what happened and why is always important Often, people have emotional affairs because they are lacking that connection with their partner in the first place, and whatever emotional connection they had to their partner before the affair may be now be shattered.

But the good news is that you can reconnect. This can be the wake-up call that allows you to regain the “spark” you were missing and be even stronger than before.

Relationship Advice: You Can Find the Magic Again Together

From my experience as a Portland marriage counselor, I can’t tell you how important it is that both parties be on board with the same goal. Together, you can save your marriage, but it will require patience, understanding, and honesty from both partners. You will need to make time for each other to communicate openly about your marital issues, but also to simply enjoy one another’s company. When your relationship first started, you probably went out on dates, discovering new things together. These experiences helped bond you together, and you can benefit from “dating” again now. Often, our responsibilities to our family and careers get in the way, but emotional affairs can help put things in perspective for you. Make your connection to one another a priority.

Often, it can be hard to navigate through the distrust and hurt that results from emotional affairs. If you and your spouse are struggling to reconnect, consider seeking guidance from a professional. Check out our website for more relationship advice you can use today.