Rock Solid Relationship Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection & Make Your Love Last


by Norene Gonsiewski MSW
and Tim Higdon MS
Winner Next Generation Indie Book AwardRelationship Category!



Nothing is more compelling to humans than to love another and be loved in return. And nothing is more devastating than to stand in the smoking ruins of a once-loving relationship and wonder what happened.

Understanding where you are and what you are feeling, we have created this road map of a book to offer you a beacon of hope and to set you on a course to recovering your connection and making your love last.

None of us is guaranteed a marriage without hurt, disappointment, unpleasantness, or sheer awfulness. We stumble and sometimes fall flat on our faces for many reasons. Babies are born to us with health problems. Partners become ill, lose jobs, cheat on us, and bring difficult extended families into the marriage.

But what separates couples who get up, dust themselves off, take the hand of their partner, and find joy in the new day? They are ones who can replenish their relationship accounts. These resilient couples will withstand the challenges of time because they know the seven keys to making relationship deposits when their accounts have been depleted.

Needing some help to learn the keys to rebuilding love is nothing of which to be ashamed nor embarrassed. No matter how much or little our parents showed us about a good marriage, none of us were handed a relationship “toolbox” in childhood. Plus, intimate relationships demand the most complicated set of interactions that humans encounter.

Our Seven Keys to restoring connection and making love last give you a plan to establish a relationship savings account and regularly make deposits. The miracle of compound interest gives you exponential growth from your investments.

Take up the challenge and get started today on creating a rock solid relationship. You CAN restore your connection and make your love last a lifetime!