As a Portland Marriage Counselor, I don’t just offer relationship advice to couples, I also work with singles to help them overcome their personal obstacles to genuine, intimate relationships. Often people come to me after a break-up looking for relationship advice on how to find the right person. Instead, I encourage people to look within and rethink how they approach their next relationship.

Portland Marriage Counselor Explains the Basics of Imago Relationship Therapy

I practice imago relationship therapy in my work as an Oregon marriage counselor. Our Imago is our specific brain writing, or love mapping, that is the source of what and who we find attractive. Combined with our personal baggage, it causes us to pick the same type of person. In each relationship, we behave the same way, and when that romantic relationship hits a power struggle, we decide that we picked wrong.

As a Portland marriage counselor, I’ve seen that when we enter into a new relationship, we expect things to change, but the truth is wherever you go, you’re still there, picking the same type of person and engaging in the same behaviors. I help those who are currently in a relationship use imago relationship therapy to learn new tools and insights and stick with the person they love. And I help single people to recognize their patterns and understand their behaviors to make their next relationship work. I’ve seen this new approach help many people to overcome their issues and find happiness in a committed relationship in my work as an Portland marriage counselor.