As a Portland marriage therapist, I often emphasize how important it is for couples to set aside the time to go on dates together, even if they’ve been together for years or decades. I’ve also offered suggestions for different activities that couples may enjoy doing together, including working out or going on a midweek date. This week, I’d like to offer a few ideas for couples who want to take advantage of the end of the summer.

5 Ideas for Late Summer Dates

Watch a movie in the park. Most towns and cities put on some kind of a free outdoor movie series during the summer, so check your local event listings, grab a blanket, pack a picnic dinner, and head to the park. If there isn’t an outdoor movie series near you, you and your partner could also buy an inexpensive projector and use a white sheet to make a screen in the backyard.

Explore a farmer’s market. When daytime temperatures are hot, it may be nice to plan a date for a weekend morning when it’s slightly cooler. Spend some time buying ingredients for dinner at a farmer’s market, or find somewhere that you can pay to pick your own produce.

Try wine tasting. Summer is the perfect time to go on a winery tour, and if you and your partner aren’t able to get away to Napa Valley, you’ll likely be able to find a winery closer to home. If you both prefer beer over wine, you could alternatively go on a brewery tour.

Grill in the backyard. If you and your partner have never grilled before, use this summer as an opportunity to develop a new skill together. You can purchase a small grill for a reasonable price and learn how to make marinades as well as how to grill your favorite vegetables or meats.

Go on a bike ride. When you exercise with your partner, your body releases endorphins and you get a great mood boost as a result. Take advantage of the nice weather and rent a couple bikes (if you don’t have your own) to ride on a nearby bike path. If you don’t like bike riding, other good summer dates include kayaking, paddle boarding, or going on a scenic hike.

Keep in mind that these are far from the only dates you and your partner can go on this summer; get creative and come up with some new activities that you can enjoy together. If you’re in the Portland area, use resources like PDX Pipeline and Portland Monthly to find upcoming local events, and visit a Portland marriage counselor to learn more about how spending meaningful time with your partner can strengthen your relationship.