Looking for a new way to spend more time with your partner? Portland marriage counseling experts agree that exercising with your partner can strengthen your marriage.

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to get back outside and revamp your old exercise routine (or start a new one). Increasing your physical activity will not only be great for your own wellbeing, it could also do wonders for your marriage.

As Psychology Today recently pointed out, “couples that sweat together, stay together.” And it’s true—exercising as a couple can benefit your relationship in all sorts of ways. So grab your sneakers and your partner’s hand and start moving!

Boost Your Happiness

Simply put, exercising together can do wonders for both partners’ happiness. You know that top-of-the-world endorphin rush that you get following a good workout? Imagine that rush coupled with feelings of camaraderie and cooperation, and imagine those feelings being shared between you and your partner. You’ll feel like the two of you just took on the world together and the bond between you will grow stronger.

Improve Your Workouts

A workout buddy is great inspiration to get through exhausting workouts. With someone to motivate you and push you through, you’re more likely to keep going when you would otherwise want to give up. This will benefit both you and your partner. Once you finish a seemingly impossible workout, you’ll feel great about yourself and your confidence will skyrocket. Improved self-confidence will lead to a more positive attitude, which will please your partner and make him or her proud to be a part of your happiness.

Reignite Passion

There’s a special sort of exhilaration that comes with crossing a finish line with your spouse by your side. The excitement that comes with completing a physical challenge can be electrifying—your heart will be racing faster than it did on your very first date. In this sense, being active together can help bring some adventure back into your marriage. Whether you’re running a race, climbing a mountain, or just strolling through a park, you’re doing something fun and out of the ordinary. Doing something outside of your original routine is a great way to get your hearts racing.

Portland marriage experts stress that you don’t have to run five miles or hit the gym for an hour to reap the benefits of physical activity with your partner. You can go roller blading, dancing, or even just play Frisbee outside. There are plenty of things you can do and plenty of ways to use physical activity to strengthen your marriage.

To discuss these and other possible ways to strengthen your marriage, consider making an appointment at the Portland Relationship Center today.