Relationship Expert Norene Gonsiewski


Hello and welcome, I am Norene Gonsiewski.

As of December of 2021, I retired from clinical practice to enjoy traveling with my husband and work on future projects.

I’m no longer receiving clients. But I’m still dedicated to relationship education and will have new ways to connect with couples coming soon.

If you are interested in ongoing couples therapy, I highly recommend reaching out to my partner Tim Higdon for counseling help.

Your problems all have solutions

Ending your marriage is not the only solution to your problems. Your love, passion, and joy can be restored. My lifework is to help couples like you create the marriage or relationship of your dreams.

Different stages of marriage and relationships are fraught with difficulty. For instance, you may need new skills to help you enter the empty nest or retirement years as a couple so that love will prevail in a healthy and vibrant relationship.

Perhaps it feels like the thrill is gone. You’re defeated by the constant arguing, or the two of you are drifting apart from “too busy lives.” You may think your marriage cannot be saved.

You and your partner can gain invaluable relationship skills, discover win-win solutions, and develop a blueprint for your ideal relationship.

Professional and life experience

In 1980,  I married the love of my life and embarked on a path of teaching couples the tools for building a Rock Solid Relationship. I am a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and a graduate of The Relationship Coaching Institute. And I have helped thousands of couples and individuals fix failing relationships, heal from affairs, guide blended families through challenging times and help couples build or restore lasting, passionate love

We all start out in romantic relationships with passion, excitement, fun, connection and a great deal of patience. Over time ALL relationships reach a stage of challenges. When the honeymoon is over couples can be shocked at the abrupt transition from soul-mates to cell-mates! But…with the right effort, you can return the romance, passion, and fun to your relationship.

I have dedicated my career to teaching and counseling couples through the challenges to forge a lasting love. I have been trained in several schools of marriage counseling and most recently in relationship coaching.

In 2016, with my colleague Tim Higdon, I coauthored the award-winning book Rock Solid Relationships: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection and Make Your Love Last. In a style that is fun, warm, and professional, the book can help you through the crunchy issues and smooth out the path ahead.


Norene Gonsiewski’s
Certifications and Training

Certifications and Degrees


Training and Development Taken

  • Graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
  • Certified Imago Workshop Presenter and Discernment Coach