Online Relationship Counseling
for All Stages of Life and Love

Let Our Online Relationship Counseling Sessions Guide You to a More Exciting and Fulfilling Life Together!

Do you feel stuck in your marriage or partnership? Has your sex life lost its spark? 

Are you fighting more? No longer a team? Has your spouse stopped listening to you? 

Are you worried that your love cannot be restored to its original, joyful state?

You want to save your relationship, but you don’t know how.

Take heart, because no matter what relationship troubles you face, your problems are natural and can be fixed. You just need the right skills to succeed.

With our guidance, you can immediately start working on the changes that will transform your relationship and life.

Are you ready to take your committed relationship from where you are… to where you want
to be?

Let our online relationship counseling sessions be your springboard.

For any stage of life and love, our therapists Tim and Norene are here to help you resolve problems, restore your love to priority status, and help you regain genuine happiness in your relationship.

How Does Online Relationship Counseling Work?

You will connect to Norene or Tim through secure video conferencing. You will be able to see your therapist, and your therapist will be able to see you. All you need is a laptop or phone and an internet connection to join.

We will help you master essential skills, so you can design the kind of committed relationship you want — both now and for the rest of your lives. You and your partner will work to better understand each other, and grow and become all you can be together and individually.

Start now to learn how to build, regain, and maintain an amazing and lasting union — no matter what stage you are in.


Newly Committed / Premarital Help

Start Out Right

Have you recently decided to commit to your partner and a future together? Great relationships with a rock solid foundation don’t naturally occur, nor are they just by chance. See how premarital help for the newly committed couple will ensure you start out right.


Restore Your Love
to Priority Status

The Too Busy Couple

Are you too busy for each other? Careers and kids taking up every moment? Wonder where the magic went? Every couple experiences ruts in their relationship. But some problems, though they may seem ordinary, can doom a relationship if not carefully tended to. Here’s how to fix common relationship problems and restore your love to priority status!


Empty Nest

Reconnect in Your Roomy Nest

The last of the kids have gone to college. Your partner is still with you, but something’s
missing. Where has the romance gone? What do you have in common? It used to be the kids, but now what? Learn how empty-nesters reconnect. Not only can you save your marriage from divorce, you can also make it fun, vibrant, and filled with adventure.

Passionate Retirement

Fall in Love All
Over Again

Retirement imposes huge changes on a marriage. Newly retired individuals report the lowest marital happiness and highest conflict. We believe couples in this stage of life can and should experience the most happiness and satisfaction. We can teach you tools you need to feel more connected to your spouse than ever. Solve those marriage problems caused by retirement, and get back to being soulmates.

Online Relationship Counseling Sessions

Our counseling sessions are for anyone who is serious about finding success in their relationship at any stage of their life as a couple.

Relationships take maintenance. When love is new, couples bask in a special joy and magical passion. But new love has a shelf life. 

What follows in committed relationships are financial worries, kids, careers, and responsibilities. Long days and sleepless nights. Ups and downs.

It’s imperative that you have the skills and tools you need to keep your love healthy and strong while you adapt to the struggles that life throws at you. Love that once came naturally now requires attention. Not just for you. This happens to us all.

Here’s how our seasoned educators and counselors can help you fulfill your relationship goals in all of life’s stages. 

With our teleconference and telephone services, Norene and Tim can work with you wherever you may be.