Premarital Help for Newly Committed Couples

Start Out Right with Premarital Help Online

Have you recently made the decision to commit to your partner and a future together? Maybe you are looking for the tools to make your love last for a lifetime.

Great relationships with a rock solid foundation don’t naturally occur, nor are they just by chance. They are built to last with tools, insights, and traditions. Online premarital counseling can help. We are relationship therapists and educators who have helped thousands of couples like you.

Our relationship and premarital help for newly committed or pre-marriage couples is for you, if you are:

  • Planning the perfect wedding and want to prepare for a strong marriage too
  • Hurt from past relationships and want to succeed this time
  • On the verge of moving in together
  • Blending two families into one
  • Fairly certain you want to commit, but want to
    gain more clarity
  • Recently committed and starting to feel some strain
  • Want to start out with a solid vision for your future
  • If you are having a case of “Cold Feet at the Last Minute

Investing in Premarital Help is Key to a Strong, Healthy Marriage

Committing to a romantic partner is a time of great psychological change in the life of a relationship. A change in status signals a literal change in brain chemistry. That’s why so many couples feel a bit shocked that the glow seems to be fading.

But don’t be alarmed…be prepared. We are seasoned marriage educators and therapists who can teach you the tools you need to create the union you long for. We will help you:

Design your relationship goals
What is your vision of a perfect partnership? Does it match your partner’s vision? Is this your first committed partnership or are you marrying for the second time? It’s helpful to think of the four possible partnerships in marriage and imagine how you want each one to take shape. Couples have an intimate partnership that involves not only sex, but also making each other the top priority. How will you two keep romance alive down the road? Couples have a financial partnership. What do you want yours to look like? How about the parenting partnership? Will you have kids and how will they be raised? Last but not least, how will you share a home and chores?
Premarital help for blended families and stepfamilies
Are you and your partner bringing children from a previous marriage into a new marriage or union? Do you know how to make your blended family work? Changes in family structure bring common stepfamily problems, and we share with you the key elements that will equip you to cultivate a healthy and successful family relationship and structure.
Understand your conflict style
Understand your conflict style. Some of us retreat when feeling hurt and some vent and express. Do you know how to fight fair if you are upset? Do you know how to calm down and then use a means of repairing any damage?
Turn your conflict into successful communication with win-win solutions
A basic foundational piece of premarital counseling is to learn communication tools. Without a doubt, you will need a reliable, safe and respectful means of talking through your differences. You aren’t marrying yourself, you are committing to an individual who will stay in love with you, because you take the time to listen and validate their unique point of view!
Resolve your 'cold feet'

Resolve your ‘cold feet’

It is not uncommon in an initial premarital help session, to uncover that one or both partners have this issue. Generally, with our assistance, couples do work it out and move forward to marriage. The discouraged couple often only lacks the tools and knowledge that will get them beyond the impasse. And who can you turn to for trusted guidance…. Norene and Tim!

As you move into the next great chapter of your love story, let proven premarital help sessions guide you through the
steps that bring success. All research shows us that tools, structure and relationship education brings lasting changes.
That’s what we are all about.

You had the right idea to be proactive. You are going to be one of the couples that will successfully prevent the “Post-Wedding Blues!” The number one thing that helps avoid the normally occurring post-wedding, post-move-in blues, is premarital education. Even more than marriage counseling, as couples we need to become knowledgeable about what is happening between us during conflict, how to best communicate, what influences we bring from our childhood and how to design a rock solid relationship.

By taking action now, you will talk through any premarital questions and problems that exist and come up with win-win solutions before there are mounting tensions.

On average, couples start fighting nine months after they marry. As the initial glow wears off, newly committed people worry that they made a mistake. You didn’t make a mistake; you just don’t have the tools and insights to turn your conflict into connection. We do, and as seasoned relationship counselors and educators, we can teach you what you need to know.

What Worries People about Getting
Premarital Help?

It makes complete sense that the thought of allowing a marriage counselor to influence your relationship can be daunting. Here’s what might be
worrying you…

Premarital help could create bigger problems. Online relationship counseling will teach you to negotiate win-win solutions for any problems. All committed relationships have problems. How can we expect to spend a lifetime with a person without having some issues crop up? All couples need tools to resolve those issues.

Counseling might not be good. This is another realistic worry. Make certain
you have a certified marriage professional
to help you out. Because of our tele-conference and telephone services,
Tim and Norene can help you no matter where you are located! We are licensed, trained, certified and have worked with couples for almost four decades.

You might end up canceling the wedding. Very occasionally couples decide to cancel their wedding. This seldom happens, but when it does, all parties generally agree it is best to have a cancelled wedding than a heartbreaking divorce. Premarital counseling does not cause the cancellation as much as it helps a couple to acknowledge what they already know and to make a good plan to deal with the aftermath. More often it is a case of “cold feet,” brought on by discouragement. We know how to help. With the right tools and knowledge, you will most likely feel confident and excited to move ahead and create your own rock solid relationship.