Make Sex a Priority During the Coronavirus

There’s a lot to be said for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. However, if you’re quarantined with your partner, that’s horrible relationship advice — don’t apply social distancing to your relationship! In fact, spending quality time together can actually help you cope with the pandemic more easily. 

Quality time can include Netflix, crafts, and exercise. But one thing that it should definitely include is sex. 

Why? Because now more than ever, routines and little pleasures are important to keep couples together. The intimacy of sex can be a touchstone in a world that feels like it’s gone crazy.

Let’s dig deeper.

Sex Relieves Stress 

There’s nothing quite like some intimate time with your partner to relieve stress. Sex helps create endorphins and lowers cortisol levels, making it a double stress-buster. 

It’s all too easy to get into an anxious loop when things feel out of control. Taking some time to do something that just feels good with your partner can help break that cycle and give you a much-needed mood boost. 

You don’t need to make it a daily occurrence unless you want to. Studies have shown that the benefits of sexual intercourse can linger for days. That means that having sex even once a week can help keep your stress levels lower. This helps keep the pressure off, so you don’t feel like any individual encounter is forced. 

Sex Strengthens Bonds

The other big benefit of having regular sexual intercourse is that it helps you bond with your partner. Feeling comfortable and close with your partner is more important than ever — especially if you’re quarantined together! Keeping a regular sex life can help you bond and get through the pandemic together. 

One study found that once a week is the ideal minimum for a sexual relationship. That’s the point at which researchers found no further increase in bonding between couples. When sex happened less than once a week, study participants found themselves feeling distant or disconnected from their partners. However, boosting frequency to more than once a week led to no further increase in happiness.

This is important to note because you don’t want to let yourself feel pressured into having sex with your partner. That helps neither of you. 

Instead, be open to sex and consider scheduling a date once a week. It’s easier to let yourself go with the flow when you know to expect it. 

Relationship Advice: Intimacy Matters Now More Than Ever

Bottom line? Sex can help you feel better and build up your relationship, even when the world is off-balance. You can bond, destress, and forget about the news cycle for a little while. 

If you feel like you need some relationship advice to get things going again, reach out to Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski. We’re here to help you and your partner shape your relationship until you’re both happy.