Turning Conflict
into Connection– The Key to a Stronger Marriage

When you and your spouse fight or grow distant – whether it’s about money, sexual intimacy, infidelity, kids, politics – you expect such conflicts to cause disconnection, not better connection.

Without the right guidance, this would be true. But with proper marriage counseling and the right tools, you and your partner can repair any hostility, resentment or friction in your marriage by consciously turning conflict into connection. Each small victory in this manner strengthens your relationship beyond measure.


How do we learn to turn conflict into connection?

You may have heard that all marriages go through ups and downs. There are as many reasons as there are couples on the planet. Each couple will have their own particular set of issues.

What we all share in common is we are married to someone who is different than us. Differing preferences, viewpoints, reactions, and behaviors lead all couples to create a relationship pattern that can undermine their love and lead to conflict—ultimately distancing ourselves from one another. Most couples are unaware of their negative pattern which left unchecked, often leads to divorce.

Couples can create a negative story about their partner filled with blame, criticism and at the worst, contempt. When that story gets confirmed by several experiences with your partner, conflict and distancing will occur. This slippery slope can be a “cliff” of despair or a gradual crumbling erosion of your love and connection over time.

The good news is you can turn this relationship pattern from conflict into connection and restore your love. When couples gain the information and learn the skills to create a positive relationship pattern, they can find lots of solutions that bring happiness.

Your Partner Won’t Come to Marriage Counseling? We Can Still Help!

We have decades of experience helping couples make the repairs necessary to move forward together. If your partner isn’t currently ready for marriage help, we can guide you to do all you can to end the negative patterns and get positive interactions going again. With or without your partner, we are here to support you on this journey – helping you change your unproductive behaviors, regain warmth and intimacy, and develop a stronger connection. If your partner likes where things are going, he or she can always join us later.


Your Partner Start Resolving the Conflicts in
Your Marriage, Find Lasting Love

You can make your marriage all that it can be, with professional relationship help from
Norene Gonsiewski and Tim Higdon.

No matter what you are struggling with in your marriage, Tim and Norene have the experience and know-how to help you get unstuck and create new, positive lenses for your relationship. Change the lenses, change your relationship.