Surviving Infidelity– Healing Your Relationship
after Betrayal

Surviving infidelity is no easy task.
But affairs happen in all types of marriages, both weak and strong.
As experienced marriage counselors, we are here to help you learn to trust again, find forgiveness, and rebuild your relationship to be stronger
than before. 

Betrayal by your partner is one of the most painful experiences in life. Many couples give up because the challenge of repair looms so great. If you can face this challenge with the pro-fessional help that you need, you will become stronger in the broken places.

In the initial stages of surviving infidelity, it is very difficult to cope. We are devastated, we are angry, we cannot think straight. The feeling of betrayal is real, as we spin deeper into mistrust and despair.

Can a Marriage Be Saved When
One Spouse Has Been Unfaithful?

Maybe you never saw it coming, or maybe you’re the betrayer. Now that it’s done, how can you possibly cope as a couple? Can you ever get back to the way you were?

You don’t want to simply get back to where you were. (You know what that brought.) You want to understand the underlying problems so that you can heal and thrive together, and ultimately get to a place where you have never been before.

The Key to Surviving Infidelity in a Marriage

From the trenches, we can tell you that with the right counseling, healing is possible and many marriages survive unfaithfulness. In fact, partnerships often emerge from therapy in far better shape, with a stronger passion for each other, sense of self and joy for life, than before infidelity ever disrupted the marriage.

We have decades of experience helping couples to make the repairs necessary to move forward together. If your partner is giving up, we can help you alone to do all you can to turn the tide. With our without your partner, we are here to support you on this journey – helping you heal, regain intimacy and develop a stronger connection.

How Marriage Counseling Can
Stop a Divorce and Start the Healing

To heal from infidelity, it is vital that you do not take just any action, but the right action. Working with an experienced marriage counselor or couples therapist is crucial in this process.

As experienced marriage counselors, we are specifically trained to work with couples who have endured an affair or betrayal. Surviving infidelity requires time, courage and guidance. We are here to guide you and give you hope. We will help you identify the issues and process your feelings. You will develop new ways of interacting that will help you restore the trust, find forgiveness, and recommit to your future.

Restore your Sexual Connection

When couples experience infidelity their sexual connection is often interrupted and confused. We will support you to rebuild the trust necessary to reignite your sexual desire and connection.

Choose Help!

Not every marriage troubled by infidelity can or should be saved. But if both of you are dedicated to restoring your relationship, the rewards can be immense. If you wish to talk to someone about the next steps for your own relationship, please get in touch with us without delay.