Help for
Couples in Crises

Is your marriage on the brink of divorce? There is hope. Before you shut the door on your life together, take one further step and contact
us now.

Online marriage counseling provides you and your partner the skills to help you overcome the problems you face as a couple, so that you may reach your full potential individually and as life partners.

Couples divorce for many reasons. You may be dealing with a cheating spouse, money problems, a midlife meltdown, or anger issues. You and your partner no longer have enjoyable conversations, and sex is a distant memory. Exceptional stressors such as the loss of a child or a disability can test even the strongest relationship. When so much is going wrong, can marriage counseling really save your marriage? Our answer is yes.


Giving Your Marriage Hope
and a New Beginning

If your relationship is spiraling out of control, we urge you to consider professional couples therapy. It could save your marriage, and make it better than before.

Couples often say that they’ve tried everything and that their marriage is too far gone. On average, couples wait six years after trouble first developed, to reach out for relationship help. For some couples, by the time they sought professional help, it seemed too late. If you are one of those couples we are here to tell you it is not too late! It may take some effort and time to turn your ship around, but we know that it’s far better than divorce. To us, there is no better love story than a couple who pulled themselves from the brink of divorce and fell in love again. We know how to help you get there. Let us guide you to your best relationship together.

“Couples on the brink” can be afraid that marriage counseling will tilt them toward divorce. Not so! As longtime marriage counselors, Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski have extensive training and experience to support you to immediately improve your relationship.

All it takes to turn the tide away from divorce is commitment, a plan for improving things, and openness to look at how you have been behaving. It is about getting the results you wish, and a willingness to adjust your behavior so that you will have an outcome you love. This is what we do. Let us start helping you both today.

The Value of One-Spouse
Marriage Counseling

Your partner won’t come to marriage counseling? No problem. We can help you to make changes that will improve the communication and connection in your relationship. With or without your spouse, we can help you.

You may think that marriage counseling won’t work unless both partners participate. But sometimes only one partner wants to go. Attending marriage counseling alone can be a strong step in the right direction.

Thanks to couples therapy with one partner, we have helped many couples pull back from divorce because one spouse alone has been willing to fight for their belief in reviving and saving the marriage. We can help you to make changes that will reverse the negative pattern between the two of you and set a positive course.

Some spouses are not emotionally ready to accept the concept of couples’ therapy because they don’t understand the process. An unwilling spouse may fear being blamed or imagine all sorts of bad aspects involving counseling. Waiting until a reluctant spouse is “ready” can backfire. Months or even years of resentment can accrue until the marriage is stressed to the breaking point.

So don’t delay. Couples therapy with one partner can be the catalyst that stops the divorce spiral and saves the marriage.


Are You On the Brink of Divorce?

Even if you think you have tried everything, it may not be too late!

Many couples teetering on the verge of divorce are able to restore their relationship to the point where it becomes a passionate and happy marriage again – often better than before. If you are ready to work to improve your relationship and save your marriage, our couples’ intensives may be right for you. If your spouse isn’t ready to work together as a couple to save your marriage, we will work with you alone.

Norene’s and Tim’s expertise in working with couples has resulted in meaningful differences in countless people’s lives. Our intensive sessions will meet your needs around various topics including:

  • infidelity, affairs
  • marriages on the brink
  • one spouse is in, while the other spouse wants out
  • addictions
  • sex-starved couples, intimacy issues
  • anxiety and depression
  • life transitions

Therapy and Counseling for Divorce Recovery

Sometimes people find us when the marriage has already been lost. Your husband of 20 years tells you he doesn’t love you anymore and wants out. Your wife has left you for another man. You and countless others have become just another divorce statistic. The end of a marriage means the closing of a chapter and working through painful emotions and hard realities. You’re left to pick up the pieces and somehow start a brand-new chapter.

Do not give up hope! Now is the time to move forward with a renewed sense of hope and confidence. If you are struggling in the aftermath of divorce, Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski offer the tools and skills to help you meet these challenges head-on.

Set yourself up for a fulfilling life after divorce. With the right counseling, you can take positive actions, so you do not get “stuck” or see yourself as a victim. Let us help you successfully navigate the emotions of loss, grief, and abandonment, and rebuild your life.

Licensed therapists in the state of Oregon, Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski offer marriage counseling online to Oregon residents, as well as relationship coaching in all locations for individuals and couples.