Couples Intensives– Focused Couples Counseling

Intensives are one or two-day sessions of deep explorations of the issues that stand between two spouses. If you truly want to restore your love and sexual passion and develop an even more amazing union with your life partner, a Couples Intensive with either Tim or Norene can be the most promising step you can take.

Over the years in a relationship, things happen. Misunderstandings occur, sexual intimacy wanes, partners stop trying, affairs happen, tempers flare. Hurt and resentment go unresolved. Couples come to us incredibly broken, having endured years of conflict. They are disheartened because they feel they have lost their ability or desire to love each other. Many are hopeless and doubt things can really change.

We are here to tell you that the distance between hopelessness and hope is not as far as you think!

Our Couples Intensive is designed to bring you relief from the tension in your relationship and generate renewed hope and connection. Through in-depth counseling and sharing, these sessions empower you to get on track to transform your marriage into a relationship you both want.

If you feel you are on the brink of divorce, you’ve hit rock bottom, or that trust can never be restored, our Couples Intensive counseling may be the ideal solution.

Work with experienced therapists focused on solutions

Tim and Norene are experts in their field who understand where you are right now. We help you identify and get rid of old destructive behavior patterns, and replace them with healthy, functional patterns.

You will learn core relationship skills that will allow you to honestly begin to reconnect. Together, you will build a new foundation so you can begin sharing your lives with each other once more. You will learn to forgive each other for past mistakes over time. And that is the way to restore a healthy, connected and loving relationship.


Get away, truly focus
on your relationship

Couples intensives provide an atmosphere conducive to new beginnings, even for spouses who think all hope is lost. Both
Norene and Tim work in Central Oregon, an area that is destination vacation spot. Your intensive with Norene will be in Sisters, Oregon, a quaint and colorful town nestled in the Deschutes National Forest.  Tim’s office is in Bend, Oregon, a small city renowned for its sweeping views of the Cascade Mts and access to every outdoor sport. Both Sisters and Bend are famous for their scenery, accommodations, outdoor recreation, and good dining.

Lose the distractions and routines that monopolize your thoughts and energy. Retreat to a tranquil space where you are better able to concentrate fully on yourself and each other.


Couples Intensives
A Most Effective Form
of Marriage Counseling

Protecting your relationship is the most important step you can take. Please contact Norene or Tim to determine a Couples Intensive that works best for you.



How Are Intensives Different?

Intensives mean getting an expert counselor to yourselves for an extended period of time.

In other counseling models, you may work with a counselor for an hour or two, exploring the problems at hand. But just as key issues begin to surface, the hour is up and life barges back in. It may be another week before you sit back down with your counselor and pursue it again.

Enter Couples Intensives. In just one or two days, Tim or Norene can help you get your bearings and find the solutions that will bring you happiness and confidence in your future together.

In these focused sessions, you meet with one of us in person, where you have our undivided attention for prolonged periods. Without delay, we help you identify the root causes of your conflict. We walk with you on a path toward resolution that is gentle, safe and without distractions.

In this way, true healing and change can occur at an accelerated pace. Together you develop an explicit plan that provides hope, a clear sense of direction, and a renewed faith in your relationship.