Oregon Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

With proper marriage counseling, you can restore the love you once had – even after all that’s happened. If you wish to rebuild broken trust, bring back the joy and passion, and move far beyond the destructive barriers you currently face, 
we will show you how.

Relationship experts Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski specialize in couples therapy and marriage counseling for residents in the state of Oregon. Residents of Oregon may wish to use health insurance. We can check to see if your company covers video-counseling sessions


How Does Marriage

Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, focuses on problems. You and your partner learn how certain past experiences are the source of unhealthy actions and negative thoughts that undermine your relationship. The process helps you identify and resolve these underlying issues.

Our online counseling sessions give you and your spouse the tools and skills required to begin working through the most stubborn adversities. You will learn to

  • Recognize negative patterns that cause problems and erode your relationship.
  • Work through problems with respect and consideration, without blame or criticism.
  • Restore your ability to comfort each other.
  • Apply productive communication and
    problem-solving skills

Couples Therapy Gets to
the Root of the Problem

Our past experiences impact us as adults. The various ways we interact with and respond to our partners were established long before we met them. Events from childhood and earlier environments have imprinted behaviors on us all, some harmful.

You might not be able to name the problem, but it is the thing that chips away at your marriage or relationship every day. To heal your marriage in a deep and lasting way, you need to focus on those problems at their very core.

Award-winning couple’s therapists Norene and Tim help you identify the root issues of your conflict. You will learn how to make changes that will reverse the negative patterns between the two of you. We give you the skills and tools needed to restore your connection, and from there build a rock-solid foundation based on trust, love, and respect.

Solve Communication Problems

Turning Conflict into Connection

What’s the key to a stronger, unbreakable marriage? The ability to turn conflict into connection. Whether you fight about money, sex, infidelity, kids or politics, you wind up disjointed, separated and angry. Day after day, this takes its toll.

But with proper marriage counseling, you and your partner can repair any hostility, resentment or friction in your marriage by consciously turning conflict into connection. See how each small victory in this manner strengthens your relationship beyond measure.

Surviving Infidelity

Healing Your Relationship after Betrayal

Betrayal by your partner is one of the most painful experiences in life. But affairs happen in all types of marriages, both weak and strong. With the right counseling, healing is possible and many marriages survive unfaithfulness. As experienced marriage counselors, we are here to help you learn to trust again, find forgiveness, and rebuild your relationship to be stronger than before. Discover how marriage counseling can start the healing and mend the marriage.

Stop Divorce

Help for Couples in Crises

Is your marriage on the brink of divorce? There is hope. Before you shut the door on your life together, take one further step and contact us now. Our online marriage counseling sessions provide you and your spouse the skills to help you overcome the problems you face as a couple. There is no stronger love than one which a couple has worked hard to save from the brink of divorce. Let us start helping you both today.

Therapy and Counseling for Divorce Recovery

If your marriage has already been lost, Norene and Tim are here to help you move forward with a renewed sense of hope and confidence. If you are struggling in the aftermath of divorce, we help you master the skillset that will help you meet these challenges head-on.

Couples Intensives

Focused, In-person Couples Counseling

Intensives are one or two-day sessions of deep explorations of the issues that stand between two spouses. If you truly want to restore your love and sexual passion and develop an even more amazing union with your life partner, a Couples Intensive with either Tim or Norene can be the most promising step you can take.

Intensives are offered in Sisters and Bend in beautiful Deschutes County in Central Oregon. Escape the distractions that preoccupy your thoughts and energy. Retreat to a tranquil space where you are better able to concentrate fully on yourself and each other.

When Is Marriage Counseling the Right Choice?

A couple that requires marriage counseling needs emotional healing. Counseling is the best option for emotional or psychological disorders.

Many times, emotions get in the way and hinder your ability to make positive choices or react appropriately. Even if you know what to do, you just cannot bring yourself to do it.  In this case, marriage counseling is appropriate.

  • Is your marriage on the brink of divorce?
  • Is your relationship plagued by criticism, contempt or defensiveness?
  • Do you avoid or withdraw from one another?
  • Is there a presence of alcohol or substance abuse or addiction in your marriage?
  • Has meaningful communication become nonexistent?
  • Are you struggling with affairs or infidelity?
  • Are there sexual difficulties?
  • Do you wonder if your problems trace back to childhood experiences or past trauma?

Tim and Norene are here to help you resolve your difficulties without blame. We will show you how to improve things in fundamental ways, step by step until that becomes your new normal. Together, you will learn the skills you need to rekindle and protect your relationship.

Whether you attend together or alone, the benefits are real.

If your spouse or partner refuses to attend couples therapy sessions, please know that you may attend alone. There is so much you can learn about your behavior and how you react in everyday situations.

When one spouse is willing to change their behavior, this can have a favorable effect on their partner. If your spouse notices a positive difference in you, he or she may become more willing to give marriage counseling a try.

The decision to try marriage counseling may be
the most important thing you ever do.

Let us be your guide. Contact us today and let our therapists get you on the path to reconnection.