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Even the best relationships can suddenly be in trouble. When you need help, where can you turn for love and relationship advice you can trust?

At Rock Solid Relationship Help, we offer resources to help you transform relationship problems into relationship solutions. 

Marriage & Couple’s Counseling

As marriage counselors, we offer therapy and guidance to spouses and couples who are dealing with issues that affect their mental well-being and the health
of their relationship.

Therapy is a scientifically proven process. We use it to help you understand how the inner workings of your mind affect your relationship. What looks on the surface to be communication problems, struggles with unfaithfulness or angry threats of divorce — are really evidence of deeper issues. Usually, there are underlying behavioral patterns, memories and emotions that sabotage relationships.

With focused marriage counseling, we help you assess harmful patterns established in your past that have persisted to shape your current thoughts, actions and ultimately your most treasured and intimate connections. You will learn the skills and aids you need to take control of your feelings, build better behaviors, and relate to each other with dignity, trust, and compassion.

Tim and Norene have helped thousands of couples repair damages, heal from affairs, blend families and rebuild lasting and passionate marriages. We work with both spouses together, yet sometimes one partner elects to work with the therapist alone. That’s ok!

Find the Marriage Counseling solution that is right for you!

Online Relationship Counseling

Like millions of couples, you may be committed to your relationship, but still you find yourself wondering, “Where did the passion and happiness go?”

In online relationship counseling, you can learn how to restore, nourish and sustain a loving, thriving relationship with your partner that makes you both happy.

Whether you’re just starting out, chasing kids and careers, coping with “empty nest” loneliness, or battling conflict in retirement—online relationship counselors Tim and Norene will show you how to master the skills you need to make your love last a lifetime.

We can help you and your partner understand each other, and grow and become all you can be, together and individually. We work with you wherever you may be online or telephone.

Rock Solid Relationship: 
Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection & Make Your Love Last
By Norene Gonsiewski MSW and Tim Higdon MS

This ground-breaking book provides practical, perceptive guidance for couples at every phase of a relationship. With easy to follow instructions and helpful plan of action, you can create the relationship of your dreams.

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Rock Solid Relationship Building Series

Based on our award-winning book, Rock Solid Relationship,
Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski offer an insightful series
of 4 Mini Workshops to help you repair distressed relationships andstrengthen healthy ones.

Learn more about our Mini Workshop series.

Love and Relationship Advice for All of Life’s Phases

No one is born knowing how to be a perfect partner in a relationship. Even the smallest conflicts between partners need attention. Waiting too long or not knowing how to tend to the trouble just makes matters worse.

At Rock Solid Relationship Help, we will guide, support and empower you to fulfill your relationship goals for any stage of life and love.

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