Learn to See Your Partner With New Eyes

It’s easy to fall into a routine. We get up, go to the same job, do the same tasks, and go home to the same living space with the same partner. We don’t have to think too hard about our commute, schedule… or our partner. 

But as you might imagine, this repetition can be dangerous for your marriage. You need to change how you look at your partner – you need to see them with new eyes. 

Why It’s Important To Look At Your Partner With Fresh Eyes

The commute to work may not change, but your partner will. In fact, your partner is growing and changing every day. You are too! So, when both of you see each other as the same person they met years ago, those views just aren’t accurate – and that can be a problem. 

Things also stop being interesting if you see your partner in the same way every day for years. Surprises are fun. Learning something new is fun. If you and your partner fail to get excitement out of each other, you will eventually seek it elsewhere. 

How Can You See Your Partner With New Eyes? Try Something New

You can try to go to your regular date spot to see your partner with new eyes – but it might not work. Instead, take yourselves out of your routine. Go skydiving. Rent a campervan and take a drive around the state. Get all dressed up and go to the opera. 

By putting yourself in a new environment, you give your partner the opportunity to show a different side of themselves. Take a close watch. What surprises you about your spouse when they are forced to try something completely out of their comfort zone

The longer you are together, the harder it can be to learn something new about your partner. Reach out to Norene Gonsiewsk and Tim Higdon for more information. Marriage help is right around the corner.