Is Makeup Sex Good for Your Relationship?

The aftermath of a big argument with your significant other can go one of two ways: either you both avoid intimacy until you stop being angry or you decide to have sex in an effort to smooth things over.

While it may seem odd to go from fighting to being so turned on that you want to have sex with your partner, it’s not unusual. That’s where the term makeup sex comes from, after all! 

But here’s the important question: is this a good thing overall for your relationship?

First let’s dive into why makeup sex happens.

Why Fighting Leads to Sex

Fights can inspire some very intense feelings. Those feelings and the energy that accompanies them has to go somewhere, so some people channel them into erotic energy.

For some, makeup sex helps them to reaffirm the relationship. For others, it’s a way to relax and release stress, or to assuage their fears of conflict in the relationship. And yet others use it as a way to replace a talk about real feelings that should occur after an argument… and that’s when it can cross over into territory that makes it unhealthy for the relationship long term.

So, Should You Have Makeup Sex?

Sex in committed relationships is a way to bond with your partner and feel close to them. And makeup sex helps to release pent-up feelings. However, you have to be careful not to use sex as a way to avoid talking about real issues in the relationship.

The bottom line is that if you’re going to have sex, then you also have to make time to talk it out as well. Otherwise, you may simply get caught up in a vicious cycle of fighting and sex without finding any real solutions for the problems in your relationship.

You and your partner may have the whole sex thing down, but if you need help with talking it out, then the experts at Rock Solid Relationships can help. Reach out to Norene Gonsiewski and Tim Higdon today.