How to Feel Less Lonely in Your Relationship

Feeling lonely in a relationship is not fun. It can make you question yourself. And feel like something is wrong with you.

After all, how can you be lonely when you are already with someone?

In reality, though, this is something that many people experience. Because we’re taught by popular culture that finding a long-term partner is the endpoint. The happily-ever-after. Once we achieve that, problems are supposed to stop.

And if they don’t, then it’s probably because we chose the wrong person. Or because something is wrong with us.

Thankfully, neither thing is even close to true. Many, many people feel lonely in their relationship at one time or another.

Why? Most often, because they don’t feel connected to their partner.

So if you want to ease that lonely feeling, you have to find ways to re-connect.

Reduce Relationship Loneliness: Connect with Your Partner

How do you connect with your partner?

The same way you did when you were first dating! By spending time together. By talking and sharing. By exploring each other and the world. By getting physical.

Here are a few specific ideas to do those things:

Take a joint bath. 

You get to enjoy each other physically in a relaxing space that pretty much begs you to take your time.

Sign up for a class together. 

Few things make people feel closer than learning something new together. You can talk about and help each other with what you’re learning. And you may even be able to find free or low-cost classes online.

Go for walks — without your phones. 

Physical activity and no distractions give you ample opportunity to talk and catch up.

Try a new restaurant. 

Sharing a new experience together is a great way to get closer. You can even order in or do curbside — all that matters is trying something new. And if you’re on a budget, remember that it doesn’t have to be fancy, just new. 

Touch every day. 

We are physical creatures. And touch plays a large role in how connected we feel. So hug. Kiss. Squeeze. Caress. Every little bit matters.

Still feeling lonely in a relationship after trying hard to connect? 

Don’t simply assume that things will improve on their own. Contact Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski to improve your marriage and feel more connected.