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Building the life and love you want as a couple takes committed effort! Join us for empowering hands-on, practical workshops and events throughout the year, and discover the skills every couple needs to create, restore, and sustain a lasting, loving connection.


Rock Solid Relationship Building Series

Don’t miss our upcoming series of 4 mini-workshops to help you implement new habits and behaviors, and move steadily toward your relationship goals.

Once a month for 4-hours on a Saturday, each workshop is designed to fit comfortably into your busy schedule.

2019—April 13, May 4, June 8, July 6

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Award-Winning Imago Workshops

Created by the best-selling authors of Imago Relationship Therapy, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, we offer the following Imago workshops as weekend opportunities to deeply explore the roots of your relationship patterns.

Are you curious about why you selected your mate? Do you wonder what made the Romantic Stage end, and why you struggle about issues big and small? Then one of these Imago Marriage Counseling workshops is for you.

If you struggle to understand your needs and how those needs affect your marital happiness, these workshops will shine a light on insights that will help those connections become clear.

Norene and Tim are skilled marriage educators, trained in Imago marriage counseling and teletherapy, and offer solid tools and insights in a safe and respectful setting.


Getting the Love You Want
Workshop for Couples

If you want to fall in love with your partner again, this Imago workshop might be for you. Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples is a weekend specifically designed to help couples truly discover the joy of being together.

You will work individually and with your partner under the guidance and support of Oregon
marriage counseling experts Tim and Norene

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Keeping the Love You Find
Workshop for Individuals

This Imago workshop is for individuals who
want to work on their relationship issues.
Whether single or part of a couple you will find it helpful to explore your own unique issues to
improve your relationships. Professionals will gain tools and insights they can apply with their clients
as well.  At this weekend relationship workshop,
you will learn to grow beyond old behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that interfere with the loving intimate relationships you desire.

Get details about the Keeping the Love You Find Singles Workshop

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