Empty Nest: Recapture the Romance

Now it’s your turn! Learn how empty nesters reconnect.
You can save your
marriage from divorce by transforming it.

The last of your children have left for college and you are faced with something new: the family is no longer consuming large amounts of your time. No more schlepping kids to soccer games, tracking their homework and cooking their meals. You still work at balancing your demanding career and finding some “me” time at the gym, cycling or a night out with friends. You find that you have more time on your hands, which could be filled with hobbies or work.

Your partner is still living with you, but something’s missing. This feeling begins to eat at you. Memories flood in of all the stages of your children’s lives, but you can’t remember when you felt close to your partner. Where has the romance gone? What do you have in common? It used to
be the kids, but now what? Yikes! If you relate to this, then let us help you transform from
Role Mates to Soul Mates.

Realizing You Need Help to Save Your Marriage from Divorce

When your children leave home, it can often be a difficult and challenging time. The empty nest chapter of your marriage life cycle puts more pressure on your relationship. Old resentments that were packed away while raising children can resurface.

Most couples do not talk about “after the kids leave home” and have no idea how to make this transition a successful one. Separate roles you play in careers, family, friends and personal interests may have created distance. Emotional and physical intimacy may have seriously diminished or gone dormant.

Some of us experience dullness in our relationship where we just settle into living two separate lives with little connection. Others see this as a sign to move on and leave the marriage. The divorce rate spikes during the empty nest chapter. This is regrettable and unnecessary! And, remarriages often carry their own stresses with the blending of families and high expectations. We know how to help you save your marriage from divorce.

Struggling with Roles and Responsibilities

Another stressor during the empty nest chapter is what we call “Role Confusion.” Dealing with aging and ailing parents, boomerang children (children who leave and then come home to live for a variety of reasons), and even taking care of grandchildren, is challenging even for the happiest of couples!

Resentment builds when partners have differences in the amount of time and energy devoted to the caretaking of various family members. There can be more conflict and result in putting less priority on your relationship.

This is where Rock Solid Relationship Help can be the most important investment you make to bring back your connection and passion. There is more to discover and create in your relationship than you ever thought possible! Not only can you save your marriage from divorce, you can make it fun, enlivened and filled with adventure.

If you are in or beginning the empty nest chapter and are:

  • Wanting to move from Role Mates to Soul Mates
  • Distant and want to reignite the spark between you
  • Willing to explore and discover a new vision for your relationship
  • Remarried and want this love to last
  • Struggling to be on the same page about your relationship with your boomerang children
  • Preparing your relationship for retirement
  • Wanting to reignite your sex life
  • Desiring a fulfilling lifetime relationship
  • Seeking to let go of resentments and build trust
  • Hoping to deepen your connection and intimacy
  • Wanting to experience maturity and joy
  • Struggling to “find yourself” or envision going forward
  • Challenged to care for ailing parents or the death of one
  • Struggling with blended family issues that are challenging your remarriage

Our Rock Solid Relationship Help is available to you.

Ready to Save Your Marriage?

The empty nest chapter can be an invitation and opportunity to create a new vision for your relationship. You can save your marriage from divorce while creating a new chapter in which you rekindle the spark and find new ways to bring fulfillment. Individually and together, you can clear out the obstacles and deepen your devotion to your own rock solid relationship.

In our view, soul mates are created not found. They are created through your relationship growth. There is simply nothing that brings more profound joy and greater emotional security than an intimate partner that knows you. The challenges, the excitement, the boring times, the ups and downs and the perseverance to journey through life together.

Do you want that? Are you ready to stake a claim on your own next best chapter?

Put the spark and fun back in your relationship!

You may have spent the adult chapter of your relationship focused on raising children and building careers. In the wake of launching the kids, this can be a wonderful time to return your relationship to priority status and bring back the fun. You may be thinking you have grown apart and have such different interests and passions. By bringing these feelings into this chapter along with exploring new adventures and fun, we will help you to reclaim the romance in your relationship.

Build a Firewall to Protect Your Relationship

The empty nest chapter of your marriage can be fraught with relationship intrusions that keep you from enjoying spending time together. Children, extended family, friends, your careers and personal interests can pull you in unforeseen directions and present new challenges. Discover how empty nesters reconnect with love and compassion. Our Rock Solid Relationship online therapy for empty nesters will help you clarify, protect and communicate the boundaries you need to successfully navigate this transitional time.

Move from Role Mates to Soul Mates

While you may have been good role mates balancing careers and raising children during the responsibility chapter of your relationship, it is normal to experience new challenges during the empty nest chapter. Your partnership can struggle to find its footing as old resentments and differences surface. The good news is you can use this transition period as a springboard to become soul mates. Our Rock Solid Relationship online relationhip therapy for the empty nest chapter will help you dissolve these obstacles and negotiate your differences so you can experience renewed intimacy and excitement. You can fall in love all over again!

What Worries Couples About Relationship Help
at The Empty Nest Chapter?

Whether you have children or not, the empty nest chapter is a time of transition as you begin to consider retirement, career change, family changes, moving to a new town or city. This transition takes you out of your normal routines and creates new challenges. Here are what we have heard couples worry about:

You love your partner; you just are not “in love” and think there is something better out there. Most often this is a result of being a role mate for the years of raising the kids and/ or working at your career. Your relationship was put on the back burner and you don’t know how to get your connection and passion back. Some couples regrettably divorce when they could instead use the right tools, information and effort, to re-discover their intimacy. You can save your marriage from divorce and make it the envy of all who know you. The grass is usually not greener. Finding a new partner means that you lose all of your investment, your kids lose what they once took for granted and you find out eventually that “wherever you go…there you are.” A perfect marriage is one in which two imperfect people refuse to give up on each other. Our online relationship counseling is designed to assist you to explore and find how to bring back the spark.

I will lose “me” in order to have an “us.” Another common worry during the empty nest chapter is that you will lose your friendships, personal interests and activities if you prioritize your relationship. This can be a leap of faith to think you won’t lose something important to you. Our experience with helping couples return their relationship to priority status shows that they actually gain something they both long for, while not losing anything important to them individually. It’s a huge plus!





Remarriage brings unforeseen challenges. You may have remarried at the time of an empty nest. Once the honeymoon was over, you may have discovered there is more stress and anxiety than you thought there would be. Old issues from your ex’s, children, and family do not go away; they come with you! Blending your families and making room for your new relationship create more challenges. Adding all this to the beginning of a newly committed relationship is daunting. Our resources and teletherapy will help you successfully navigate this new territory.


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If you are heading toward the empty nest chapter or are already in it, you can fall in love all over again! Let Rock Solid Relationship teletherapy guide you to a more exciting and fulfilling adventure together!


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