Couples Coaching – the Right Choice

How Does Our Couples Coaching Program Work?

We meet in the convenience and privacy of your home or office via FaceTime, Skype or telephone. Each week we help you work on the issues that are important to you, using positive and respectful coaching tools.

You will formulate an action plan that works for the two of you, and use at-home-tools that will reinforce your progress. We guide you with the strategies and skills that will make your relationship rock solid.

Are you ready? Review our online relationship and couples coaching programs and find the one
that interests you. Let us help you make your love last!


Do you wonder how couples coaching is
different than marriage counseling?

Both coaching and counseling can help you get relief from your relationship problems and teach you the insights and skills you need to succeed. However, the starting points and the approaches are
quite different.

Coaching Fees

When working with either Tim Higdon or Norene Gonsiewski, your investment in your relationship is $175 for a 60-minute session. Most of our clients choose to save money by paying by the month. When you pay at the beginning of the month for sessions you will receive $25 off each session. That’s a savings of $100 to $125 per month. Monthly savings are based on four sessions per month. Couples who pay for two months in advance save even more.

We do not bill insurance for coaching. When using your medical benefits for emotional health issues, you must have a psychiatric diagnosis. Coaching is meant to help you to communicate well, set goals for your relationship and discover win-win solutions to your challenges, versus working on mental health issues.

Couples Coaching focuses on solutions and actions

Coaching starts with the here and now. Couples coaching looks forward and concentrates on your goals, the barriers and snags in your path, and the skills you need to reach those goals.

Coaching works by assuming you are emotionally healthy but need skills to do better. You will have actions to work on every week that will help you to get closer to your goals.


Couples relationship coaching is the best choice when both partners are ready and able to take responsibility
to improve the relationship.


If you have the desire and resolution to make changes, but you don’t know how, relationship coaching is your best option.

Marriage Counseling focuses on problems

Counseling delves into identifying and resolving problems from your past, and how those problems are the primary drivers
of your unproductive actions and negative thinking,

A couple that requires marriage counseling needs emotional healing. Counseling is the best option for emotional or psychological disorders.

Counseling is best suited when your emotions interfere and make it hard for you to follow through on positive choices.

Even if you know what to do, you just cannot bring yourself to do it. In this case, marriage counseling is
your best option.