Couple communication can be harmed by a lack of sleep. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. When our bodies don’t get the rest they need, we become tired, cranky, and tend to take out our frustrations on our loved ones. As a Portland relationship counselor, I’ve seen this happen again and again with couples.

What is surprising is a recent University of Pittsburgh study that finds sleeplessness in women causes far more problems than when men can’t sleep.

Sleep is Important to Women for Good Couple Communication

The reasons for this are unclear, but many sleep experts believe that women are simply more attuned to their sleep cycles than men are, leading to increased frustration when that cycle is upset. Regardless of the cause, stress from sleeplessness can lead to relationship distress in even the strongest of couples, and for a relationship in turmoil that’s already suffering from bad couple communication, it can be disastrous.

As a Portland relationship counselor, I can show women how to separate the physical discomfort caused by sleep problems from issues they are having in their relationship, and I can teach men how to work with and understand the difficulties their female partner is going through.

Moreover, I’ve discovered in my role as a Portland relationship counselor that good couple communication can even be an effective method of preventing sleeping problems. Often, marital concerns are a large part of what keeps us up at night. These may be long-term, background issues, or simply an argument you have and don’t resolve before going to bed.

Either way, the problem is a lack of good couple communication. By being open and honest with each other and following that old adage of never going to bed angry, you’ll go a long way toward bettering your couple communication and giving yourself a good night’s rest. I’ve used this technique to help many couples stop fighting and find happiness with one another in my work as a Portland marriage counselor.