Coronavirus Putting a Damper on Your Date Night? Get Creative at Home!

No more dance clubs for a while. Or romantic restaurants. Heck, you can’t even go to a bookstore together in many places. Going on a walk is still possible. But only if you’re pretty confident that others will stay far enough away. You need relationship help!

While COVID-19 continues to rage, going out on a date with your partner is essentially out of the question. But just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean date nights have to stop.

Read on for 6 stay-at-home date ideas for you and your significant other.

Take a Bath Together

To say that this whole situation is stressful is putting it mildly.

Ease some of that stress by sinking into warm, soapy bubbles — and each other’s arms — in a relaxing bath.

Make it a “date” by adding some wine and music.

Go Stargazing

You don’t have to have a telescope (though it’s even better if you do!).

Just head to the backyard — or out front — and take in the tapestry above.

Cook Together

We’re all probably going to be doing this a lot over the coming weeks (and maybe months). But you can make it special by getting a meal you both love and working on the recipe together.

Dinner and a Movie

Who needs theaters? Take your delicious home-cooked meal over to the television and stream something you’ve been meaning to watch.

There are some movie studios that are even releasing big movies straight to streaming services right now since going out isn’t an option.

Game Night

Video games? Board games? Card games? Why not all three!

Double Date

Wait, what?

With today’s technology, it doesn’t always have to be just the two of you. You can use most of the above suggestions (but probably not the bath one!) and invite friends to join you.

How? Video chat programs can let you have virtual dinner parties, game nights, and more. And Netflix even has a feature called “Party” now. It lets you and several friends set a time to watch things together and chat while you’re doing it.

For more ideas or to get relationship help with other issues, get in touch with Norene Gonsiewsk and Tim Higdon.