Fix the Common Relationship Problems of a
Busy Couple

Are you feeling too busy for a relationship? Like you don’t have time for your marriage?

Most common relationship issues such as communication breakdown, sexual distance, and fights can bring discouragement.

Children. Two careers. Demands from family, friends, and other aspects of life. If you are like many busy couples, you have gotten too busy and stopped prioritizing your relationship… but we can help.

Drifting apart from your partner is an immense problem, but you can repair the damage and actually grow stronger as a couple. We can help you transform your communication and find ways in your busy lives to help each other never feel taken for granted.


busy couple


The team at Rock Solid Relationship Help
knows how to fix a drifting relationship

Do you wonder where the magic went in your relationship? Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock to that earlier time when even your quirks were endearing, and it seemed like you were meant to be together? Do you wonder what happened to that stage of romantic love? Would you like it back? Have you tried marriage counseling and it didn’t help?

Even a relatively solid couple can benefit from relationship problem help. Maybe you still feel connected, but have one or two issues that derail things. This is more common for a busy couple than you may realize. The excitement of your romance gives way to making a life together. Couples struggle to make ends meet with bills to pay, maybe children to raise and careers to manage.

The Tools You Need to Fix Common Relationship Problems

We all have relationship challenges when differences surface. The good news is you can return your relationship to your top priority and everything else in your life will also be enhanced! With tools and information and intentional effort, you can create your own rock solid relationship.
Our busy couple relationship counseling is for you if you are:

  • Having difficulty finding time for each other in your busy life
  • Arguing over little things that turn into full blown conflicts
  • Reacting in ways that diminish your love and connection for one another
  • Finding it difficult to talk about what is important to you
  • Stressed out over the responsibilities that come from making a living and raising children
  • Realizing you are different and have competing needs and expectations
    Struggling to understand what will make your relationship a happy one
  • Feeling alone in your marriage
    Struggling with your sex life
  • Wanting the spark back in your relationship
  • You have a good relationship and want a great one
The Hallmark of Common Relationship Problems Is the Loss of Connection

Transitioning from falling in love to making a life together is a big change. It’s about learning to be trusted companions as well as keeping your love alive.
Every busy couple has differences and life intrusions that cause stress in your relationship. It is common to put your relationship on the back burner as you attend to the other parts of making a life together. Unmet needs lead to most common relationship problems.
The good news is you can restore and maintain your connection!  It is not too late! We are seasoned marriage professionals who will teach you how to fall in love all over again! We will help you:

  • Return your partner to priority status. Your partner has to become the top priority to have the relationship of your dreams. We will help you assess the obstacles that can get in the way, explore ways to make your relationship the priority and begin to take steps to make your dream become the reality.
  • Build your own Relationship Savings Account with the loving actions that bring bonding and connection back. Learning how to make deposits into your RSA will go a long way towards reducing the anxiety between you, making it far easier to resolve differences and deepen your connection.
  • Turn conflict into successful communication and achieve win-win solutions. Learning communication skills are a must for a rock solid relationship. We all need reliable, safe and respectful means of talking through our differences.
What Worries Couples About Relationship Help?

It makes complete sense that the thought of allowing a marriage therapist to influence your relationship can be daunting. Here’s what might be worrying you…

  • By trying to fix common relationship problems, you create bigger problems. While it is true that any relationship help has the potential to unearth problems, relationship counseling will teach you to negotiate win-win solutions for any problems. All committed relationships have problems. How can we expect to spend a lifetime with a person without having some issues crop up? All couples need tools to resolve those issues.
  • You tried marriage counseling and it didn’t help, so why would this be different? This is another realistic worry. We have a very high success rate because we use the best tools we can find, and we stay current on learning new techniques. You will leave our services knowing exactly how to improve things and be able to continue the momentum. Because of our teleconference and telephone services, Tim and Norene can help you resolve common relationship problems no matter where you are located! We are licensed, trained, certified and have worked with couples for almost 4 decades.
  • We might tell you to break up. Never will we advise you to give up on your relationship! Your marriage may be “depressed,” and you two may feel hopeless about it. But if you went to get individual help for depression, would the professional suggest that you give up on life? Of course not. They would help you have the tools and insights that would make you feel much better, including a return to being happy to be alive! That’s what we do for marriages.
  • Relationship help is expensive. We have several levels of services that we provide. Some are more expensive than others. With our approach, we help you be self-reliant as soon as we can. Divorce and unhappiness are expensive too and have lasting consequences. Most of us spend large amounts per month on cell phones and cable television. As a busy couple, you likely have hobbies or pay sports fees for kids. Consider the value of investing in the health of your relationship. No one ever calls us up years later and says, “We are still together, we are happy, we just retired…but we regret investing money in getting help! We wish we were divorced!” No, they send us pictures from Hawaii.

Even the Most Loving Busy Couple Faces Relationship Problems

The solution lies in how you deal with them daily.

How do you fix communication problems in a relationship? What do you do when your partner is too busy for you?

Rock Solid Relationship Help has the answers you need to guide you to the success you are looking for. There is no time like the present to return your relationship to priority status and fall in love all over again. You can do this!