Award Winning Book: Rock Solid Relationship
Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection & Make Your Love Last

by Norene Gonsiewski MSW
and Tim Higdon MS
Winner Next Generation Indie Book Award Relationship Category!

A True Self-help Resource for Couples

This enlightening book offers clear instructions for partners and spouses in every phase of their relationship. Based on research and thousands of hours spent helping couples repair and enrich
their relationships, the keys to success explained within these chapters are easy to follow.

This book may interest you for one of two reasons:

You are a proactive person looking for tools to keep you marriage or partnership strong
• You are struggling with your marriage or partnership and are desperate for help

If you’re the former, good for you! Every page of Rock Solid Relationship is filled with valuable information that will fortify your relationship.

If you’re struggling, stay strong—there is hope! Throughout the pages of this short book, we will share with you the seven keys to restore the connection you once enjoyed and to make your love last.

Not married? Our book is still for you. In today’s world, marriage is no longer the norm, the gold standard, or the status symbol it once was, and intimate relationships now come in many shapes. Whatever type of relationship you have, we have written this book for you, because we know your love can last.

You just need to learn the tools to make your relationship so rock solid that is will stand the
test of time.

What Are the Seven Keys?

Even the most unstable relationships can become rock-solid if those relationships have the following seven keys as their foundation:

Key #1: Return Your Partner to Priority Status
Key #2: Love is a Verb, So Focus on the Action
Key #3: Negativity Kills Love, So Cut It Out
Key #4: Communication is Key, So Dial Up the Dialogue
Key #5: Build a Firewall to Protect Your Relationship
Key #6: Keep Your Sex Life Alive
Key #7: Make a Practice of Regular Maintenance and Repair

These seven keys become the blueprint by which you and your partner intentionally rebuild your love on a solid foundation. You will learn the skills you need to navigate past negative feelings and repair rifts in your relationship. The book gives you the steps to restore trust, rekindle passion, solve problems, and develop healthy practices, habits, and boundaries that sustain a strong and loving relationship.


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What Our Readers Say…

“If you want to get the sand out of your relationship and build it on solid rock, this book is your manual. Filled with essential ideas about a thriving relationship and powerful steps to achieving it, this book will guide everyone who reads it to the relationship of their dreams.”

—Harville Hendrix, Ph. D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph. D.
co-authors of
Getting the Love You Want and Making Marriage Simple

“If you want a wise and compassionate guide to keeping love and joy alive in your relationship over the years, this book is for you.  It’s an easy read that reflects decades of practical experience with couples working to overcome both everyday challenges and major problems.  You will understand your relationship better, and you will learn how to make it flourish.”

—William J. Doherty, Ph.D. professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota;
author of Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in a World That Pulls Us Apart

“This clear, well-organized and compelling book brings together theory, research
and practice in understandable, wise and eminently practical ways.
This book is, itself, a precious rock . . . a gem!”

— Nedra Fetterman, Ph.D., psychologist and faculty of Imago Relationships International

“What a terrific, engaging and well-written book! A complete road map to
successful relationships for anyone interested in making love last.”

—Linda Carroll author of Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love