Bolster Your Family Connection With a Mission Statement

When was the last time you sat down as a family and talked about your goals? 

Sure, you might sit down for meals and talk about your day. But your family serves more important roles than merely companions or conversation partners. Together, you can provide a deeper level of love and emotional support for each other. 

Of course, not every family communicates in the same way or has the same values. So in the New Year, consider creating a family mission statement. 

What Is a Mission Statement? 

A mission statement is a sentence or short paragraph that explains the values and goals of an organization or company. In this case, it will explain the values and goals of your family. 

How To Write a Mission Statement as a Family

Carve out some time at the beginning of the year to have a conversation about what you want to accomplish together. How do you want to support each other? What are your roles as members of the family? What goals will shape your year, the upcoming five years, and even the next decade? 

It might help to start talking about your individual goals first. Everyone goes around the table and shares one goal that they have for themselves. Can your family members assist them in achieving that goal? Can these goals be combined? 

Values Behind Your Goals 

Don’t forget to talk about your family’s values. When everyone in the family understands the values that shape your decisions, you can begin to move forward as a more cohesive unit. (Talking to your parents about their values may also give you some insight as to how you were raised and what shaped your childhood.) 

Use Your Mission Statement To Hold Your Family Accountable

Simply clarifying your mission statement can be productive, but go further. Write down your mission statement and leave it where you can all see it. Remind each other of your mission statement when making decisions or planning out the upcoming months. 

Coming together and writing a mission statement as a family doesn’t just provide an opportunity to have important conversations about what you want to accomplish together. It sets expectations, sets the groundwork for planning what is next, and allows members to hold each other accountable.

These conversations are not easy to have. The relationships we have with our families are likely to be put to the test time and time again. Come together with the help of a relationship therapist. Therapy isn’t just for couples or individuals. Relationship counseling can help your family get the help it needs to support each other once again.