As the Holiday Season Approaches, a Guide to Help Put Meaning into Your Gifts

Did you know that we all experience gifting differently? Some care a lot about the money spent, while others could care less. Some only want exactly what they’ve asked for, while to others it is important that you come up with something on your own.

And that’s just the beginning! Understanding what matters to your partner before you place that Amazon order will put a whole heap of new meaning into the gifts you choose this holiday season. 

So, how do we ensure we know what matters to them? 

The Key to Gifting Meaningfully is Simple: Listen

You probably already know more than you think about what your partner might really enjoy receiving this year. One way to think about it is in terms of time. Ponder your partner’s past, present, and future.

The Past  

  • What are some of the traditions your partner grew up partaking in? 
  • Can you recall the best (and worst) memories they’ve shared about the holidays?
  • Have they told you about the best gift they ever got from family and why?

The Present 

  • What does your partner think is the most important part of the season? 
  • How does he or she approach gift-giving with you and/or the children?
  • Is there anything they are most looking forward to this year?

The Future

  • Are there any particular experiences they’d like to have or places they’d like to visit? 
  • Has your partner mentioned anything specific they’d like to see under the tree this year?
  • Is there a way to go above and beyond exactly what your partner has hinted about?

If you take time to think about how your partner receives gifts, but come up short, it’s time to ask them! 

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