As a Portland relationship counselor, I can only hope that this title has most of you saying “duh” and scratching your heads. Of course an affair won’t fix any marriage problems you have – all it will do is make them worse because you’ll be avoiding the relationship and lying to your significant other. And we haven’t even gotten to the part discussing what happens if they figure out you’re cheating!

Unfortunately, I’m writing this post because there are affair-promoting sites out there that are advertising their services as a way to keep people together and solve marriage problems. Their argument is essentially that if people aren’t happy with their sex life, they’ll end the relationship, but by allowing them to engage in a “safe” affair (whatever that means), they are helping to keep people married.

Portland Relationship Counselor: Affair Sites Don’t Want to Help, They Want Your Money

 No rational person could possibly believe that an affair is going to make their marriage better, but that’s part of the problem – as a Portland relationship counselor, I know firsthand that people who are emotional about the dire state of their relationship aren’t always thinking rationally.

Affair sites know this, and they use manipulative tactics to make you feel like you’re actually doing a good thing by finding a sexual partner other than your spouse. In this way, they not only attract those who likely would have had an affair with or without the site, they also lure in people who are on the fence and encourage them.

Why would a business resort to such tactics? Simple: they want more money. The pool of people who are actively ready to cheat on their significant others isn’t that big, but by convincing people to do it who haven’t made up their minds, they are broadening their customer base.

The really disheartening part, though, is how they sell the service as a marriage aid. If your marriage is in trouble and you’re considering having an affair, don’t seek out one of these services – talk to a Portland relationship counselor today!