3 Tips for Giving Each Other Quiet Time During the Pandemic

Even in the healthiest relationships, people don’t always get along. Throw in a worldwide pandemic, working from home, schooling from home, and the stress of possibly getting sick… and it can be a timebomb for both your sanity and your relationship.

The key to weathering this storm and coming out on the other side stronger is working to give each other space and time alone. Many of the coping skills people have learned throughout their lives may not be available during a pandemic, such as a workout at the gym or coffee with a friend, so you must find new ways to encourage your partner – and yourself – to get the space and time away they need.

Here are a few ways you can give each other quiet time during the pandemic.

Encourage a New Hobby

Have you or your partner always wanted to try a new hobby but never had the time for it? Well, now is the time!

Whether it’s creating your own sourdough starter and baking bread or learning how to make stained glass masterpieces, hobbies are a great way to take your mind off of everyday concerns and de-stress.

Talk to your partner about something they may want to pursue and encourage them to do it. If you have children, work out a schedule with your partner that allows them to have the time — sans-kids — to do what they want every day… or at least a few times per week.

Draw Them a Bath

When was the last time your partner was allowed to luxuriate in a warm bath and just… be? It’s probably been a while, especially if kids are in the house. 

You may need to take the initiative to encourage your partner to do something relaxing, so draw them a nice bath with some Epsom salts and candles, put them in it, and lock the door behind you. Give them as much time as they need to relax while you take care of everything else.

Let Them Sleep In

Even though you’re at home a lot these days, that doesn’t mean you spend the time relaxing. Because of this, you should regularly encourage your partner to sleep in and get the rest they need while you take care of the things around the house that need tending to in the morning, from the dog to the kids. Sleep has a way of making things feel better.

This is an unprecedented time in both the world and in relationships, but finding a way forward with your partner will only work to make you stronger when the world emerges and things get back to normal.

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