3 Signs It’s Time for Online Couples Counseling

When your relationship is struggling, it’s important to reach out. However, sometimes the logistics of your life can make it difficult to do so. It’s not just an hour each week — it’s finding an hour that works for both of you. Then building in drive-time. For some couples, it may mean getting a babysitter. For all of these reasons and more, online couples counseling can be an important part of working on your relationship.

Your relationship doesn’t have to be on the rocks for counseling to help, either. In fact, reaching out early can help strengthen it so that you never get to that point. 

But how do you know when you should seek out help? These three struggles are signs that it’s time to reach out for online couples counseling. 

Trust Has Been Broken 

Trust is the most important part of any ongoing relationship. Being able to trust your partner is what helps keep relationships running smoothly and without unnecessary worry. When trust is broken, whether through infidelity, financial deceptions, or something else altogether, it can be difficult to rebuild it again.

Online couples counseling can help. The counseling sessions can provide an environment where both parties can be vulnerable. This allows everyone involved to express their emotions freely and talk about issues. The result is a rebuilt foundation of trust once everything is out in the open. 

Communication Is Poor 

For a relationship to be successful, it’s important that both partners feel like they can clearly communicate. Communication is necessary to prevent small annoyances from building up into huge problems. On the other hand, when communication is poor, your partner can start to feel like a stranger. 

A great way to learn communication skills is to begin online couples counseling. With an objective third party, both of you can practice communicating your feelings, wants, and needs. It’s a simple way to train your communication skills in a safe environment. 

Arguments are Frequent

Every couple argues. It’s actually an important way that people and relationships grow and evolve.

But if you notice you’re arguing all the time, you probably know your relationship is struggling. Most of these arguments are probably not about what they seem to be about. There are almost certainly some underlying issues that are bubbling over into petty squabbles.

That’s where online couples counseling comes in. Instead of focusing on the surface-level issues, counseling helps you get down to the root of the problem. From there, you can solve the actual issues and cut down on unnecessary arguments. 

You don’t have to solve your relationship problems on your own. When you need help, Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski are there for you. Contact us for online couples counseling and start the journey of reconnecting with your partner.